5 Tips to Find Love After 50

Plunging into the dating world is intimidating enough as it is, regardless of your age. Taking that step after the age of 50 can be down right terrifying! From discussing the hypes about internet dating, to locations where you can meet prince charming, we've rounded up some tips to help you find love without having to scour bars!

1. Look into Your Past Do you have the gentleman who “got away”? Or possibly a guy you were enchanted by when you were in your 30's, but did not pursue for whatever reason? Think long and hard to see if there's a love potential that you haven't explored yet. Call them to catch up, or look them up online to see what they've been up to. You never know; your perfect guy might be someone you've known your whole life!

2. Try Something New It's easy to get used to a certain lifestyle and routine. Stepping out of your comfort zone can leave you queasy and unsure of yourself, but it's the perfect way to meet someone new! Try an activity you have always been eager about – such as hiking, or renting a booth at your local farmer's market. There are plenty of fun activities you can take part of to enjoy and possibly meet a perfect match.

3. Don't Talk About Your Exes... Or Your Children We're not saying you shouldn't talk about your children at all, but keep it to a minimum, at least for the first few dates. We know you're proud of your kids and their accomplishments, but it does not make for exciting conversation when you're just getting to know someone. As for your exes, don't mention them at all. You may have gone through a tough divorce, or had bad experiences in the mature dating work, but keep them to yourself.

4. Lower Your Expectations No, you should definitely not settle, but keep in mind that not every person you come across is going to be “the one”. Give the men you meet a chance, and don't expect them to be perfect right off the bat. A quality you may have found dorky in your 30's might be quite endearing to you now, but you will never know if you right off a guy because he doesn't meet the requirements on your checklist right away.

5. Go Online With the influx of technology and people being busier than ever, it is no shock that so many have taken the online dating route. Before you dismiss the idea, consider the positives of dating online: you'll get to know information about a guy before deciding whether or not you should go on a date with him. It could save you a lot of time and heartbreak knowing what you are signing yourself up for!

It may have been ages since you've been on a first date, but there's no reason to fret! Just be yourself, and it will be easier to meet the right guy than you think!

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