What To Wear on Job Interviews?


Hunting for a job that would fit in your qualifications is not easy. That’s why when you are being called for a job interview, you must be very lucky so come prepared and create an excellent first impression. First impression lasts! So research for the company’s dress code first so you will have an idea on what to wear. You have to be presentable and look professional. Be careful with what you wear on your job interview because it will it will be the first thing that you can make a good impression.


If you’re applying for a creative job – Writer, Graphic designer, Editor, Art director etc..

  1. Be more creative but not too loud.
  2. You can wear a pantsuit but in a more conservative style or way.
  3. It’s recommended for you to try your outfit before your scheduled interview so you would know how to wear and if you would be more comfortable with it. If not then you’ll still have time to buy or check on your closet.
  4. Pants should be in black or dark colored denim.
  5. Heels should not be higher than three inches and you should not be overly accessorized.

If you’re applying for a corporate position – Account executives, Executive assistant, Real estate, Public relations etc..

  1. Come well groomed and on time for the interview.
  2. Do not wear too much makeup. Natural look makeup would do.
  3. Buy a nice blazer – It can help you look more professional.
  4. Again, shoes should not be higher than three inches.
  5. Wear something classy, avoid loud or too bright colors

If you’re applying for a fashion job – fashion editor, designer, stylist etc..

  1. Wear something simple but make sure it fits and suits you well.
  2. Show your creativity and style by making your accessories stand out but not too much.
  3. Wear trendy and unique shoes that would fit in your accessories to show your style.
  4. People should notice you in what you wear and not the clothes you wear. That is fashion because it will show how creative and stylish you are. You should stand out in and be noticed in that dress that you wear and not because you are wearing a designer’s dress.

If you’re applying for a Finance job – Banker, Finance, stock analyst, accounting etc..

  1. Wear a dark colored two-piece pants or skirt suit.
  2. Brighten it up with a soft colored blouse to perfectly match your dark pants or skirt.
  3. Put on conservative accessories.
  4. If you’re wearing stockings, bring an extra pair in case they run.
  5. Wear closed shoes and not open-toed.

So you have learned the proper fashion when you’re going for a job interview. Be sure to prepare everything that you’ll need ahead of time to avoid cramming and come prepared both physically and emotionally. Good luck!

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