Top Tips All About Eyebrows


Sure, we all learned the basics about brows, yet we always think we can do it better.  You can probably can, here’s a few tricks I’ve learned.

Sisters (Not Twins)

The first thing you need to realize about your brows is that it’s virtually impossible to get them exactly symmetrical. Some people have thick enough brows that they can make them incredibly thin, and exactly matched.  That’s usually not a good look, and I wouldn’t recommend it.  Usually when you see a close up of the face, and they’re exactly alike, it’s because of a Photoshop trick called known as “mirroring”, where they take half of the face, and reverse it.  Your goal should be to make them similar, they should both have correct proportions, but don’t worry if they don’t exactly match.

Don’t Get Near Sighted When Shaping

It’s tempting to lean in close to the mirror, but make sure to move back after plucking that hair.  When you’re up close, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  You can easily become obsessed with each little hair, pulling back allows you to see how your eyebrows actually look.  I personally like to press a wet, warm washcloth to the brows before shaping, to relax the follicles, then brush them out, so I can know how they’ll look when I’m filling.   Don’t go too thin when shaping, a fuller brow looks more natural, and slightly exotic.  I also avoid trimming my brows.  I might snip the occasionally abnormally long hair, but overall trimming will give your brows a harsher look to them.

Make Sure You’re Filling In Correctly

If you suffer from square brows where they meet, don’t fret, it’s a common mistake.  Fill from the tips, moving forward.  This way when you hit the middle, you’ll only be using what’s left on the brush.  When filling, make a line, then brush up, then out.  Now you’ll have a very defined tip, and natural, soft looking brows.  There’s many products to use, powder, gel, pencil, and pen, but remember to make sure your color choice matches your natural brow.  I find it best if I focus the most color intense spot at the arch, to give a lifted look.  

Brighten Under Your Brow

I like to trace under my brow with light concealer, this not only defines the underside, it will also brighten the area, making the brow look higher, and more youthful.  You should also be applying a light shade of eye shadow to the area under the brow, but above your eyelid. They also make brow bone brighteners, if that’s preference, or if your concealer is too dark.

Brows can be tough, but a good looking brow helps you to look your best.  When doing “no make up” or “nude make up” days, I still bring my best game for my brows.