The Best Things When You Are Single


Some say being single is boring and depressing. But you will not realize the best part of it when you haven’t experienced yet. According to my personal experience there are a lot of exciting and fun parts of being single. Read on to discover how exciting life could be when you are single.

Flirting all you can!

Being single means freedom! Agree? You don’t have any responsibilities to anyone so you can go flirting to any man you want for fun. You can kiss, hug free of guilt. All decision is yours to do. And you can stay out all night without receiving a check-up call from anyone. You can be more adventurous and can explore the world on your own.


When you get bored at home you can go out and have fun to find your prospected date. Visit your favorite restaurant, go bar hopping, attend sports events, and watch movie or any other events that you can meet a lot of people for potential love interest.

Everyday free time!

More free time is granted when you are single. That means more time for yourself, you can do whatever you want or what you think is interesting to do. Movie marathon, yoga class, massage and spa time, manicure and pedicure sessions, read your favorite novel, salon time anything that you missed when you were in a relationship.

More time with friends

Quality time with friends is the best ever feeling when you are single. Being with your girlfriends is fun when you can be yourself, share each other’s problems, sharing same interests with your friends is awesome that you haven’t done when you’re in a relationship.

Get more sleep

Getting more quality sleep is the best ever when you’re single because you don’t have to wake up early because you have some responsibility to do for your partner when in a relationship or you stay up late talking on the phone or waiting for his call.

Feeling of excitement

This is the best part of being single. You can again feel the excitement when you have crushes or you like someone. You can look forward on something like a first kiss with someone new in your life can give you more thrills.

Worry free

You don’t have to worry on something like when you want to go for an important seminar or travel in a far place that you have ever wished for. Because you’re single, you can go wherever you want to without being tied up.

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