Quick Fixes for Tired or Sick Looking Skin

water-1329546-1279x852We’ve all been there- a late night at work, a noisy neighbor, or nagging anxiety that keeps us up until the break of dawn.  Life doesn’t stop, and sometimes we have to step out into the world with a not so refreshed face. What kind of techniques or strategies can we use to fake a sleepless night so that we can approach the world with a more wakeful appearance?

You can Never Do Wrong with Hydration.  Make sure to drink plenty of water- more than usual-throughout the day, especially if you’re sick.  If you skimped out on some significant sleep, your body needs much more water than a typical day.  After you cleanse, be sure to apply adequate moisturizer. As a bonus, use a tinted moisturizer to not only wakeup your face, but to also even out your skin tone and look more fresh.  

Brighten up. Poppy colors are your friends today.  Stray away from powder blushes, and use a cream blush.  You may also want to apply a peach color blush if you are especially pale. You can also use bronzer. Use a warm colored bronzer along your hair line, temples and cheeks-but no need to go into full contour mode.  

Easy on the lids.  If you lost a lot of sleep, it’s likely that your peepers are red and puffy, so try to avoid lower lid eyeliner. Sweep an easy simple eyeshadow on your upper lid and use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes.  If you do use eyeliner, use it on your top lip and keep it minimal.  

Moisturize your lips.  There are now a lot of lipsticks on the market that are dual in nature in that they are formulated to not only add some moisture, but also to give you a pop of color.  Lip gloss would be sufficient enough to wake up a sleepy face past morning.  

Use some old school tricks to get rid of under eye circles.

  • Witch Hazel, a less commonly known trick, is an astringent herb that tightens up skin and can alleviate under eye circles.  Soak two cotton balls and apply to under eye are for about twenty minutes.
  • Ice.  Ice alleviates puffiness that come with dark eye circles.  You can use an ice pack formulated for eyes, or wrap two ice cubes in a cloth and apply to eyes.  Allow ice to work for around 20 minutes. You’ll notice some redness after, but this is normal and will subside within a couple of minutes.
  • Tea bags.  Tea bags stimulate circulation for your body when you drink, and can stimulate circulation when applied topically. For an added benefit, chill them for a couple of minutes before directly applying.  Let them work on your eyes for around 20 minutes.  

You can also use some homemade masks to wake up your face.  You can take an avocado, an egg or a cup of yogurt, mash up, add a couple drops of honey and allow to work on your face for twenty minutes before washing away with cool water.