Look to the Brightside: Tips for Luminous Skin

Radiant skin is on our to-do once the sun starts streaming in and it’s clear that winter days are put to rest for the year.  Waking your skin from a summer slumber can be a process, and maintaining your skin involves a brand spanking new set of techniques and products from during your winter days.  To slough away winter skin and bring to live a whole new glowing complexion, follow some of these tips and routines that we have put together for those who want to be luminous like the Sun itself during the sweltering season:

  1. Exfoliation.  While light during the summer is more highly concentrated, you want the reflection of light to reflect on beautiful smooth skin- in the same way a shiny object captures our attention during broad daylight.  The clearer and smoother your skin, the more reflection of light emits off of your skin and the more beaming you are perceived. The frequency that you exfoliate should be relational to your age.  During your 20s, the turnover rate of your skin cells is about 28 days.  By the time women get to their 30s, turnover rate can slow to 30-40 days. The more buildup on your skin, he less even your skin will be and the less radiant your skin will appear.  
  2. Use a gentle peel once a week.  This is a wonderful way to pick up where exfoliation left off to penetrate your skin deeper.  For the best after feel on your skin, opt for a glycolic acid peel.  You should only practice this procedure once a week, as practicing too frequently can lead to irritation and thus, excessive redness.  If you get rid of cells before they are able to fully generate, you are only harming the protective layer of your skin that is more vital for your skin maintenance.  
  3. Use a highlighter to fake a glow.  Use a champagne shade for the most natural look to cosmetically enhance your glow.  Tap it on your cheekbones and concentrate on your brow bones as well as the tip of your nose and forehead.  This helps create an artificial glow.  
  4. Soak up in botanical oils.  Botanical oils are an organic way to replenish the lipids in your body.  Lipids are important in the ingredients in our skin that maintain the moisture in your skin cells.  It’s important to take care of the skin on your body as well as the skin on your face.  The pertinent areas to hit on when you are embracing your summer attire is the collar bones and neck.
  5. Consume Vitamin C and Antioxidants. You reflect what you eat, and there’s no other better way to get glowing skin than to consume better foods. Antioxidants are the antiaging ingredients that can be found in a lot of your brightly colored fruits.  They work to detox your body from any toxins that may aggregate over time. Vitamin C is also another important component in maintaining radiant skin.  You can find that a lot of products that claim to make your skin look brighter are vitamin C based.  However, you can incorporate more vitamin C into your diet in order to gain a more efficient supply.  Topically, you can find vitamin C in oranges, lemons, kiwis, papayas and tomatoes.  

Resort to the bright-side this summer, and adopt new techniques to get luminous skin- beam with vitalized health and beauty!