It’s Summertime, Are You Taking Care Of Your Skin?

My friend’s experience at a recent weekend event made me realize, there are little things people don’t think about.  As we’ve stated before, prevention is better than a cure.  Here’s a few healthy living tips to get the most out of the sunshine.

YOU Applied Sunscreen

But how much SPF is in your lip balm?  In all fairness to my friend, she works indoors, and isn’t the outdoors or music festival type.  Most of us take this for granted, but make sure your lip balm has some sun protection if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.  As always, make sure you’re exfoliating your lips.  Not only will they look better, the balm will work better on fresh, healthy skin.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can skip SPF protection on your lips or skin just because it’s cloudy or overcast.  UV rays will still get through, and you can still get a sunburn.

ARE You Taking Care Of Your Feet?

Always wear clean socks.  Just because your shoes have such a cute way of showing off your ankles doesn’t mean you can skip socks.  Your feet will smell, and look better, if you invest in appropriate socks for all your shoes.  Make sure you’re washing your feet too, so they’re not drenched in perspiration.  If you decide to go with sandals or flip flops, you’ll still want to wash the dirt from your feet, so your skin doesn’t look dull.  Don’t forget to wash your sandals, as well.  Don’t make the mistake my friend made, either.  Your feet also need sunscreen when wearing sandals.


Not only are sunglasses a great accessory to show your individual style, they also protect your eyes.  Not only can constant glare damage your eyes (This is especially a concern if you’ll be sailing, or hitting the dunes), constant squinting will help wrinkles form early.  Be careful to avoid the raccoon mask.  It doesn’t take long for your eyes to adapt to bright conditions, so you can take the shades off periodically.  Just make sure to put them back on before spending long periods in bright light.  Yellow lenses are especially helpful for overcast days.

MAKE Up Sucks When It’s Hot

Nothing will ruin your make up faster than sweat, and no one wants to wear a full face to the beach.  Summer is when your skin care routine gets to shine.  Make sure you’re following our blog, and using good skincare products to minimize your need for make up when active.  There’s nothing better than going to dinner straight from the beach.  You’ll have more time to relax over appetizers and drinks while waiting for your friends.

There you go, now enjoy the sunshine and great weather.  Don’t forget to check our other entries for more tips to get the most out of your summer routine.