How To Dry Your Hair Properly


I love it when my stylist washes and dries my hair, I don’t love how I could never get my hair to look exactly how he can.  It turns out he knew secrets to dry my hair he never shared with me.  I’m going to share them with you, to help you get that “just left the salon look” every day.

THOSE Cool, Sci Fi Attachments Serve A Purpose

Always make sure you’re using one of the included attachments, they keep the heating element away from your hair.  Too much heat leaves it cooked, and frizzy.  The flat nozzle is to concentrate the airflow, allowing you the precision you need for bangs.  The big knobby attachment is for wavy, and curly hair.  It will give you a nice, natural look to your hair, while completely drying it.  If you don’t need either of those, you’ll still appreciate the quick drying attachment, unless you engine the sound of small jet engine next to your head.

BLOW and Dry Downward

Waving your dryer around may seem more effective, but it’s really not.  Not only will your hair dry unevenly, you’ll frizz it up and tangle it.  Blowing downward will help smooth your hair, making it more manageable.  Section your hair into four areas and dry each one separately.  The same goes for your towel.  Be gentle, pat and rub downward.  Sure, we always see them rubbing vigorously in all directions in the movies, and then we see what happens after the on set stylists stop crying and work their craft.

BE Careful With The Heat

Heat is good, we love heat.  There is too much of a good thing. Don’t just set your dryer to the hottest setting, there’s a reason the dryer on the salon has multiple options.  The finer the hair the less, heat you’ll need.  Whether you have thin hair in general, or just the hairs around your face.  Make sure you’re using that selector switch.  This also applies to your irons, watch that heat setting.  You should also opt for ceramic whenever possible.  The smoother surface will slide more freely through your hair.  You don’t a clamp curling iron, or a death grip on your flat iron.  Use just enough pressure to close the iron, so it glides through your hair.

USE The Cool Setting To Set Your Style

You may, or may not, have noticed that cool breeze on your face as your stylist finishes up.  That’s because they know you don’t need heat once your hair is doing what you want.  It isn’t the heat that dries your hair, it’s the airflow.

There you go, practice these tips, make everyone think you have time to hit the salon on your way out the door.  If you have fine, or damaged hair, check out our earlier entry for thin hair.