How Exercise Keeps Your Skin Flawless

exerciseIt’s practically reiterated daily- exercise promotes health benefits for the heart, lungs, our own mentality, and can even combat against potential diseases. It is lesser known that exercise is actually beneficial for your skin. Tim Church, MD, PhD and director of preventive medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research in Baton Rouge, LA states that, “Every cell in the human body benefits from physical activity”. What exactly are these benefits? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Blood flow. Exercise works its way from the inside staring with the harnessing core mechanism that keeps you beautiful- blood flow. This is most evident in the red flush look that happens after a hard long workout. Blood flow promotes the blood to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including the skin. The reason why blood flow is so praised keeping skin so vibrant and beautiful is it does two very different things that are extremely helpful- it pushes along the process of oxygen and nutrients getting through your body and it clears away toxins and waste products that bog down on skin to make it look dull.

It does more than alleviate stress and depression. The stress-relieving and mood-enhancing benefits of exercise also come with other perks. The consequences of combatting depression and stress with consistent workouts reduce acne and rosacea. Since exercising helps regulate healthy levels of stress-related amounts of cortisol, this means that a steady production of collagen is ongoing. Physiologist and celebrity trainer Amy Dixon states that, “The boost in this protein helps keep skin firm, supple, and elastic”.

To get the best potential benefit after working out, make sure to cleanse your face and other areas on your body prone to acne right after working out. Always keep an extra bag of fragrance-free cleaning wipes for this purpose.

A toned body means toned skin. The aging process includes losing that pad-like cushion that keeps us from looking sullen. By persistent exercise however, the muscle you can take place of this loss of the plump youthful look. What kind of exercise routine would reap you the most enhancing lean muscle for your skin? Resistant training. This includes anything that relies on you using your body weight for muscular contraction. For example, lunges, press ups and sit ups. Aim to a two to four minute cardio with a routine of 3 to 4 of these exercises. You may choose to do sets of 15, 20, 30 or more depending on your fitness status.

A sweat-out is equivalent to a miniature facial. When you exercise to the point of moderate sweating, the pores on your skin dilate. This allows for the expulsion of dirt oil that may get stuck deep in your pores.