Detox and Destress for the New Year: Health and Beauty

is-it-friday-yet-1239465-1279x959A month into your fresh new year and you may have noticed that everything about you has been revamped and upgraded—except for the fact that you haven’t detoxed what still lingers in and on your body from last year!  How do we perform an overall convenient detox from the inside and out in order to feel revitalized and unstoppable for the new year?

  1. Cleanse your inner and outer body with veggie and citrus juices.  Not only can you drink green goodness and citrus bless in order to flush away toxins and send nutrients straight to the places your body needs them, you can use a juice mixer as a refreshing facial mask.  To make your very own organic facial mask, mash red grapefruit with cooked tasteless oatmeal with a cup of milk. This mixture fortifies your skin with the use of antioxidants- the ultimate skin revival messengers.  By performing once a week, you will notice inflammation wane away to reveal incandescent skin.  Moreover, you get a blast away the past with the additive bonus of exfoliation from the oatmeal- peeling away the skin and unveiling new fresh baby skin.  
  2. Destress and detox your mane. By the end of the year, a lot of us are drained from the consecutive holidays and end of year resolution-fulfilling- and it shows in our hair. If you have brittle, inflexible, dull and flyaway hair, consider yourself a victim.  In order to detox your hair, you need to reset the pH levels that keep your hair pristine as fine wine. Invest in lemons and cucumbers and smash up to a paste.  Use as much as you need to cover the full scope of your hair as well as penetrating your scalp.  This combo with soothe your scalp while cooling and cleansing your hair without stripping natural oils.  
  3. Be aware of the enemies.  While you are detoxing, be sure to eliminate these ingredients from your existence: processed foods, artificial sweeteners, gluten, refined sugars, dairy and processed foods.  These nemeses will add a whole plethora of problems to maintaining your beauty – from causing you to lose hair to causing premature wrinkles.  Opt for hot green tea, raw vegetables (the darker the green the better) and fresh fruit. This way you flush out your GI tract and help clear out the pathways of your body that help deliver the nutrients that you so vitally need.  
  4. Revitalize your skin.  Over time, the pollutants, toxins, and metals in tap water build up on skin and hair.  Start your cleanse with a clay mask.  A clay mask will pull up all of the unwarranted substances that clog your skin in order for you to eradicate them.  Since your skin is constantly absorbing a lot of dirt, pollutants and metals, you want to invest in a product for your skin that contains chelators.  Chelators detoxify any of the unwanted substances that are wearing on your appearance and also prevent any new damage.

Don’t forget to also switch out your old makeup for new fresh cosmetic goodies-especially if you’ve had a product for more than 3 months.  A mistake a lot of women make that takes away from an annual cleansing and detoxing is using expired makeup.  It also never hurts to switch it up and try something new either!