How to Achieve Pouty-Full Lips

Big Lips Lip Plumper
Besides eyes, lips are an important asset of beauty that can be put a signature stamp on your look.  While a lot of us weren’t born naturally with the pouts of Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie or a sizable wallet to achieve to achieve such, there are still many affordable ways we can amp up the volume for more appealing lips.  

  1. Peppermint oil.  Unlike most beauty routines, you want to find a substance that will slightly irritate the area in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Peppermint isn’t known to have a calming effect on your nerves and skin-in fact, it causes swelling and can add an additional red hue to lips if applied readily.  In small doses, you can achieve a fuller lip without serious damage being done.  
  2. Invest in lip balm that contains Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic Acid is found in a lot of skin products, especially anti-aging, because it contains ingredients to keep skin supple and soft.  It’s very important that if you are going to invest in plumper lips to keep them hydrated, and hyaluronic acid keeps your lips plump while ultra-hydrated.  As an additive bonus, have a daily nutritional intake of collagen.  Collagen and hyaluronic acid work together to get a natural plump to your pout.
  3. Create an exfoliation procedure for your lips.  Exfoliating can help promote blood circulation for you lips and can cause them to slightly swell- making you look younger, and more kissable.  To make your own exfoliation scrub, mix a little brown sugar with water. It may also be ideal to mix in a little moisturizing oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil.  Lightly massage the mixture in circles before washing with cool water. You don’t want to practice this too frequently, as it may cause irritation, so opt to practice 1-2 times a week.  If you start to notice irritation, extend the length in-between each procedure to reach a happy medium.  
  4. Practice daily lip exercises.  You might notice that friends that you have that play wind instruments, such as flute, clarinet, etc., have big full lips.  This is not a coincidence.  Just like with any exercise, the more you implement your muscles in your target area, the bigger the area becomes.  Some exercises you can utilize to mimic a kiss – pucker lips in a kiss and hold for five seconds.  Repeat this 20 times.  Another common exercise is whistling.  Put on your favorite tune and whistle away for 3 to 5 minutes. You’ll see a noticeable difference if you implement these exercise regularly.  
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A lot of young girls have invested in having fuller lips following the famous Kylie Jenner pout.  This of course, led girls to go to drastic measures such as the “Kyle Jenner Challenge” with shot glasses.  This can be very painful and can cause damage to the blood vessels around and on your lips.  Make sure if you want to invest in a fuller pout, you’re doing it for you- not to mimic Kylie Jenner’s look.  

Five Tips to Achieve a Natural Looking Tan for Spring and Summer Seasons

Tan lines When it starts to get warmer, we want to reveal more skin for relief.  For a touch of summer bliss and beauty, a lot of woman turn to tanning in order to embrace the warmer climates (and as a way to not blind people around them with glaring white skin).  This puts woman in a predicament, especially those of us that are health conscientious.  Being exposed to ultraviolet lights can cause serious damage to the skin, causing premature aging and creating substantial vulnerabilities to skin cancer.  There are many alternative methods in order to achieve a natural looking tan, without causing too much damage.  

    1. Exfoliate the skin you want to bronze.  You want to find an exfoliator that contains sugar, or make your own.  Sugar is very vital in this process as it sloughs away dead skin. This is important to ensure an even tan, done by creating a foundation of even skin to apply tanner to.   
    2. Use a tinted moisturizer. Following exfoliation, you want to moisturize the entire area.  Dry skin tends to soak in more pigment, which is where unsightly orange and brown spots come from.  
  • Decide the level of tan you want to obtain, and chose the appropriate product to achieve such:
  • For a light tan, chose a lotion that is formulated for your skin color.  
  • For a medium tan, opt for a gel.  
  • For a dark tan, use an aerosol spray.  
  1. Apply in a bottom-up fashion.  When you apply your method of application, start with your legs and feet. This is so that you can avoid bending over, as it creates lines.  Apply in a circular motion in order to avoid unwanted streakiness.  To get your back, take saran wrap and apply the product on one side.  Rub your back with the saran wrap as if you are drying your back with a towel.  Make sure to work from the bottom up, and don’t forget to do your neck.  Afterwards, make sure to wash your hands, especially in-between your fingers in order to avoid getting orange hands
  2. Moisten your elbows, knees and behind the knees.  These areas are likely to be dry, and will want to soak up more product.  This is why these are the places that tend to brown. Take a soft cloth and moisten. Gently rub in circular motions in these susceptible areas.    

Make sure you wait an hour for your product to dry thoroughly before applying normal clothes.  You want to be in loose clothes while this process is happening in order to avoid any weird lines and creases from the tan.  

Look to the Brightside: Tips for Luminous Skin

Radiant skin is on our to-do once the sun starts streaming in and it’s clear that winter days are put to rest for the year.  Waking your skin from a summer slumber can be a process, and maintaining your skin involves a brand spanking new set of techniques and products from during your winter days.  To slough away winter skin and bring to live a whole new glowing complexion, follow some of these tips and routines that we have put together for those who want to be luminous like the Sun itself during the sweltering season:

  1. Exfoliation.  While light during the summer is more highly concentrated, you want the reflection of light to reflect on beautiful smooth skin- in the same way a shiny object captures our attention during broad daylight.  The clearer and smoother your skin, the more reflection of light emits off of your skin and the more beaming you are perceived. The frequency that you exfoliate should be relational to your age.  During your 20s, the turnover rate of your skin cells is about 28 days.  By the time women get to their 30s, turnover rate can slow to 30-40 days. The more buildup on your skin, he less even your skin will be and the less radiant your skin will appear.  
  2. Use a gentle peel once a week.  This is a wonderful way to pick up where exfoliation left off to penetrate your skin deeper.  For the best after feel on your skin, opt for a glycolic acid peel.  You should only practice this procedure once a week, as practicing too frequently can lead to irritation and thus, excessive redness.  If you get rid of cells before they are able to fully generate, you are only harming the protective layer of your skin that is more vital for your skin maintenance.  
  3. Use a highlighter to fake a glow.  Use a champagne shade for the most natural look to cosmetically enhance your glow.  Tap it on your cheekbones and concentrate on your brow bones as well as the tip of your nose and forehead.  This helps create an artificial glow.  
  4. Soak up in botanical oils.  Botanical oils are an organic way to replenish the lipids in your body.  Lipids are important in the ingredients in our skin that maintain the moisture in your skin cells.  It’s important to take care of the skin on your body as well as the skin on your face.  The pertinent areas to hit on when you are embracing your summer attire is the collar bones and neck.
  5. Consume Vitamin C and Antioxidants. You reflect what you eat, and there’s no other better way to get glowing skin than to consume better foods. Antioxidants are the antiaging ingredients that can be found in a lot of your brightly colored fruits.  They work to detox your body from any toxins that may aggregate over time. Vitamin C is also another important component in maintaining radiant skin.  You can find that a lot of products that claim to make your skin look brighter are vitamin C based.  However, you can incorporate more vitamin C into your diet in order to gain a more efficient supply.  Topically, you can find vitamin C in oranges, lemons, kiwis, papayas and tomatoes.  

Resort to the bright-side this summer, and adopt new techniques to get luminous skin- beam with vitalized health and beauty!

Three Ways You Can Incorporate More “Heat” in Your Beauty Regimen

saunaWhen we hear the famous question, “can you feel the burn?”, a lot of us expect to be drenched in sweat trying to follow instructions from a younger, livelier-than-humanly-possible director leading our exercise routine promising to get flatter abs, toning up thighs, and many other expeditions.  The Korean culture has found other ways in which heat can be useful, and for one highly unexpected reason – boosting beauty.  While we fuse about what kind of ingredients our beauty products have, Korean women find a legit selling point in the ‘temperature’ of a product.  At least one-degree increase in temperature applied to your skin is researched to increase sebum production by up to 10 %.  Sebum is a mechanism that lubricates your skin and hair and helps preserve those natural oils that give you a subtle glow.  How? Heat. Heat is a great resource to expel your skin and your body of toxins.  

  1. Invigorate the exfoliation process.  You know you are getting a good quality exfoliation when the products you use run deep enough to get rid of black heads that reside deep in the pores.  A natural product you can use that accumulates heat after application is charcoal – a similar derivative to the charcoal we know in fire pits, but don’t be fooled.  This product in the last 2-3 years has been picking up speed in the beauty market.  There are now a lot of products that contain them.  To treat your skin deeply, purchase a facial mask that is made out of charcoal.  Most local convenient beauty supply stores contain charcoal face masks at very affordable prices.
  2. Aromatherapy infused with heat.  This is probably the most relaxing treatments you can do with the infusion of heat.  You can get a cotton cloth towel or Egyptian cotton and soak it in warm water and ring out to excess water.  Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for aroma and lay down in a comfortable position for up to 30 minutes.  Your pores will be opened, and cleansed, all while you clear your mind and senses.  
  3. DPL Therapy.  As we age, the collagen and elastin that keeps our skin supple begins to degrade- setting the foundation or wrinkles.  DPL Therapy users a form of energy called photon in order to deeply penetrate your skin, more than any topical treatment could.  Red light is used to activate skin cells and promote blood circulation.  Then infrared light is absorbed by the skin and uses that energy to increase the “fibroblast” cell activity – all in which increases the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.  

As far as heat in beauty, moderation is key.  Too much heat, as you can imagine, can be gravely damaging.  If you’re unsure about the frequency or extent to which you use heat in your beauty routine, please consult your dermatologist.  

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bathing Sessions

For some, the bath is the safe haven rewinding location where you can put all of the daily stresses and worries to rest.  Add some wine, softly scented candles, some fragrance bubbles- and you are well on your way to some first class pampering.  Not only is the bath good for a quality indulging session, taking regular baths can also help promote better circulation in your body and assist your body in recovery from workouts you did during the day, unblock your senses that could accumulate congestion and help in practicing mindfulness meditation.  Be sure to follow up with these tips in order to spruce up your bathing routine for more youthful benefits:

Bathe organically.  Make your own bathing recipe in order to get fresh and supple skin.  Milk and honey sound like a very unlikely mishmash, but the effects they have on your skin will have you reanalyzing their compatibility.  For one, the lactic acid in milk works to exfoliate your skin, all while honey works to soften and moisturize your skin.  All in all, nourishing your body in this recipe will have enriched effects your skin.  Just add 1-2 cups of full-fat milk and ½ cup of any type of honey you choose.  Soak in for at least 20 minutes to reap the rewards of your concoction.  

Take a shower first before bathing.  Western culture makes a huge mistake of bathing in filth by taking daily baths, and quite literally at that.  When you take a bath before rinsing all the dirt that is collected on your body is now just getting soaked into your skin. The very purpose of the bath is to soak in pure fresh water in order to open up your pores and exfoliate any dead layers of skin that accumulate over time.  By bathing in dirty water, you defeat the purpose of your bath, and as a result could face health implications such as bladder infections.  

Bathe with salts.  Salt has been researched to have significant capabilities of improving the texture of your skin, hair and nails – a perfect additive for a steamy lather-up.  Sea salt can be especially useful if you have very stubborn tough, dry skin.  Sea salt in particular is a natural detoxifier and will help you slough away dead skin in order to reveal much more beautiful fresh skin.    

Keep the bath curtain closed to create steam. Now we are starting to make our bathing sessions more like a full-blow spa!  Steam is vital in freeing your pores from unwarranted dirt, pollution and oil that aggregates throughout the day.  You can count on a youthful glow if you can keep a good stream of heat and in your bathing sessions.  By trapping in the steam that is generated from hot water, you can revitalize your skin when it condenses back onto your skin- adding much needed moisture to your skin all while also freeing your pores from captivity.

There’s certainly no need to indulge in an expensive spa treatment when you can enjoy full benefits in the comfort of your own home – all while gaining a youthful advantage for your skin.