Anti-Aging Secret

We all know that woman who looks 35 but is actually creeping up on 50. What's her secret? It's not what you think. You may think she's spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures like facelifts and filler injections, but actually, it's quite the opposite. Women who undergo these sort of procedures do it to look years younger, but here's the thing; they never do. Instead they look like 60 year olds trying too hard to look like 30 years old. Aging gracefully is all about having smooth, glowing, and wrinkle free skin NATURALLY. No one wants to look like an emotionless mannequin. So what do these naturally beautiful women do to preserve their good looks? They invest their time and efforts in a great skin care routine. This along with leading a healthy lifestyle, can make you look years younger. The following is all you need to know to have the younger looking skin you always knew you could have.

Skin Care

  1. Cleaning your face morning and evening with an antioxidant rich cleanser is just what your skin needs to rid it of impurities and free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Make sure you look for a cleanser that has pH balancing properties that will help retain moisture to prevent drying out the skin.

  2. A moisturizing wrinkle/eye cream. You can buy separate ones, but in an effort to save time and say on budget, an all-in-one would be perfect for this. The cream of your choice should contain clinically tested anti-wrinkle ingredients like DMAE, Retinol and Vitamin C.

  3. The last step is easy, sunscreen. You can find oil-free matte-drying sunscreen at your local drugstore. These usually retail for only $12 and will help protect you from the sun's skin damaging rays.


  1. Regular exercise produces sweat that flushes out pores and fights acne. Getting you blood going can also aid with toxin removal and decreasing sign of aging by boosting your body's production of collagen. More collagen = less wrinkles.

  2. A Cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine are all bad habits that affect your skin in negative ways. They're just as bad for your appearance as they are for your health. Smoking slows blood flow and prevents the skin from absorbing oxygen. Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine dehydrates the skin, making wrinkles more prevalent.

  3. What you eat determines how you're skin is going to look. If you eat greasy foods like pizza and cheeseburgers on a regular basis, chances are your face is going to become prone to break outs. Healthier foods like legumes, fruits and veggies, are packed with anti-oxidants that not only help your skin but also your hair and nails

  4. Your skin replenishes itself while you sleep. So getting 7 hours of sleep every night is essential for your skin to recover from the day to day contact with toxins and pollution and any other filth floating in the air