What’s the Spiel on Charcoal?

charcoal-1491926-1278x855We’ve seen a lot of charcoal lately, and in some of the unprecedented places – beauty.  There have been some health benefits associated with charcoal, but our skin was the last place we suspected.  Acclaimed to be acne fighters, many beauty companies have started to create cleansers, facial masks and pore strips that are all charcoal based.  These products all originated from good intent, as charcoal has been researched to absorb dirt and oil.  Little research has been done on this effect on skin, and we have come to bring forth the straight facts about this new rising star of beauty.  

The charcoal we know built up after a fire is a little different from the charcoal used in beauty. The charcoal used in beauty and for medical practices has coined the name “activated charcoal”. This subtype of charcoal has been formulated to take on toxins and is used to treat poisonous reactions.    

Charcoal products generally contain other ingredients that could be the reason why you find benefits in using these products for your problem skin.  A lot of charcoal based products contain ingredients that subside the appearance of acne alone- such as salicylic acid.  Some also contain kaolin- a clay that can sweep up any extra skin oil that has built up on your skin.  Over time this can mean clearer skin fresher in appearance.

Charcoal has been found to absorb 100 to 200 times its weight.  For an organic product, this can be quite significant and we can see why it may be of good purpose for some of the beauty problems we face today.  

This sleek black mystery of the night can be used at nighttime to whiten up your teeth and cleanse your breathe. If you have any stains on your teeth caused by the subtle vices from day-to-day life: drinking coffee, smoking and alcohol, you will find much benefit in adding a little of charcoal paste to your tooth brush before your scrub away.  Charcoal can also kill the germs that create bad breath in your mouth through their toxin fighting power.  

Strip away buildup on your hair with charcoal.  Trust us, the hue and color of your hair won’t change if you use charcoal based products on your hair.  Since charcoal has the power to cut through unwarranted toxins, pollutants, oil and dirt, you can count on this same quality being applicable to your hair.  
  Although a lot of these suggestions and facts seem counterintuitive and a little bit on the crazy side, there has been a lot of craze within the beauty scene for the plethora of different uses charcoal can have in maintaining a beautiful appearance.  The only way to surely judge such value is to try it out for yourself.