What’s the Craze About Cleansing Balms?

lip-balm-1-1416640-640x480Cleansing balms are making headway in the beauty world for a plethora for reasons.  This alternative method can be used for all types of skin types while still being slick as a whistle in application.  It’s most notorious reason of use is to dissolve away the day’s accumulation of dirt, makeup, sunscreen all while miraculous still maintaining your precious natural oils of your skin.

Using a cleansing balm bypasses the use of an additional makeup remover or another harsh cleanser on your skin. Rain or shine, you can rely on the cleansing balm to do all that you need whilst still nourishing your skin to the maximum.  What type of benefits of cleansing balms have set the beauty market in a rage?

  1. Kill two birds with one stone.  Cleansing balms do a double duty of removing any impurities on your skin while still maintaining and preserving your skin’s protective moisture levels.  Cleansing balms contain natural oils that leech onto those unwarranted oils on your skin that lead to breakouts and other imperfects all while whirring away at all the dirt and grime that can build up over time.
  2. Say no more to the “overly clean” feeling after cleansing.  Cleansing balms leave the skin feeling moisturized after cleansing, leaving your skin silky and glowing like a thousand suns. The reinvigorated texture that your experience with your skin after just one use will have you continuing back to your new found fountain of youth.
  3. Reap the rewards anti-aging benefits. Many cleansing balms contain ingredients that promote cell vitality and elasticity.  You can expect to find anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants and hydroxyl acids that aim to rejuvenate, alleviate and protect all in one.  To boost the effects of your cleansing balm in this department, aim for pro-collagen cleansing balms for an additive booster for your aging needs.
  4. Spa quality always at your service.  The safe aromatic oils of cleansing balms leave you feeling like you just left a spa, and do so without the expensive guilt- that is, if you find an extravagance comfort in the sensations of good smells and feels after you cleanse.  You can find aromatic scents ranging from rose-infused luxuries, orange blossom, raspberry, cranberry and many other delicious natural essential aromas.
  5. They’re Au Naturale. A lot of industrial face washes contain harsh ingredients. Contrarily, most cleansing balms feature the finest organic ingredients. Usually mud-based or mineral-based, you can find a lot of plant oils and antioxidants that work with nature to release your inner natural goddess. Additionally, the natural and organic botanicals will leave your skin feeling and looking perfectly exfoliated, toned and cleansed all within one use.