Tricks To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

If you’re anything like me, your pedicures last forever, but you need at least two manicures a week to keep your nails looking good.  Summer is the perfect time to get your toes done, since you can actually show them off, but these tips will keep your fingernails looking good year round.

Don’t Soak Your Nails

Sure, your manicurist loves to do this, it softens your cuticles.  Use a cuticle oil instead, you can even ask them to do this as well.  Your nails will retain water and swell.  When they shrink back down the polish won’t fit correctly, and it will damage the polish. Make sure you don’t get any polish on your cuticles, it will lift the polish away from the nail.  Use a pusher tool or stick, never cut the cuticles.

Buff Your Nails Before Painting

Smoothing the nail will help the polish stay put, any dent or chip will warp the polish, and encourage it to crack.  After you’re done, wipe the nail with polish remover, or water and vinegar.  Even if there’s no polish, this will remove any excess oil that will be detrimental.  If you don’t have the cotton balls to spare, a quick dip is okay, just don’t let them soak.

The Tip Of Your Nail Takes The Most Damage

Filing your nail to a good round shape will add strength, preventing the nail from breaking, and making the edge more chip resistant.  If you’re unsure of the correct shape, look at your cuticle, and try to imitate it’s shape.  Keeping your nails no longer than your fingertips will also help, since they’ll less likely to take a beating.  For extra strength, use two coats of basecoat at the tip.  The first coat just at the tip, then apply the second coat over the entire nail.  If the tips start to chip, you can file the edge and reseal it, or cover it up with a French tip.

Speaking Of Coats

Make sure you’re using a topcoat.  Don’t wait until your polish dries, you want the polish to be slightly wet, so the topcoat will seep through.  Run the brush along the tip, this will seal the edge.  Apply a thin layer of topcoat every couple of days to protect your polish and extend the life.  If you’ve decided that matte polish is for you, you might not be aware that it’s more brittle than crème and tends to chip.  A matte topcoat is an option to consider.

Take Care Of Your Nails Between Manicures

Your nails and cuticles dry out, which damages the polish.  Wash your hands with a mild soap, and avoid hand sanitizer.  It’s mostly alcohol and will strip your hands of essential oils.  Don’t forget to wear gloves when doing the dishes, this will also protect the skin on your hands from drying out.  Don’t forget to use a nail oil to hydrate your nails and cuticles.
There you have it, with these tips you can have good looking nails everyday.