Top Tips To Add Spark To Your Relationship..


There is no such perfect relationship. Every relationship experiences the ups and downs to test your love for each other. At times you feel bored because of so many reasons but one most common is the lack of thrill, challenges or maybe you both become too familiar with each other. And one reason is when both of you are too busy with work that you tend to forget special occasions like anniversary and even birthdays. Maybe it’s time to spice up your relationship, do something to add flavor on it. Here are some exciting tips to ponder.

Exciting Getaway

Giving gifts are just material things that are already a common thing to do. And you have been doing this on certain occasions. Why don’t you plan an exciting getaway for you and your partner? List down the ideal places for it. Choose a more relaxing place not too pricey that both of you would enjoy and help you reminisce the past from where your relationship started. You need this to remind you as couple the special feelings you have for each which is the best foundation of the relationship. Furthermore, this is the best time for you to relax, away from work and you can talk while you enjoy the getaway. Let this simple activity rekindle the romance you share with each other from the start. And always remember don’t let this getaway be too enforced look at your schedule and your partner’s schedule before you book this trip to make sure it would not end up too rush up or leaving some important matters and it’s a perfect vacation when you know you won’t be leaving anything unattended.

Romantic Dinner

A simple romantic dinner can also help to revive the feelings you have for each other. Plan for a dinner with the food that you both enjoy. You can reserve a dinner for two on your favorite restaurant or you can cook something special as they say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Think about which is best for a romantic dinner. You can prepare a candle light dinner inside your bedroom with your favorite music in the background. This is just another romantic suggestion if you think your partner would love it then this could be such an exciting dinner for you both.

Break the routine

Time flies so fast that you don’t even notice you forgot to even say “hello, how’s your day” to your partner. Break the routine! Everybody loves surprises as long as it won’t end up having trouble at work. Take time to send short love notes in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. This can help perk up the feelings you have for each other. Or if you know he’s about to have a presentation at work the next day, send him his/her favorite dessert with a simple love note to appreciate all of his efforts and to show off your feelings too.

All of these top ideas to rekindle your love for each other will go beyond if you get more creative and think more. I’m sure the top three tips can help you and your partner remember how it all started and make the relationship stronger than ever. Always remember, above all, communication is still important in such relationship.

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