Top Tips on How to Make Marriage A Success


Getting married is a lifetime commitment. You have to remember that when you step into this new stage of life, you know how to deal with things maturely and make sure you keep your responsibility as a husband or wife.

As according to my research on how to make marriage successful I have compiled the reasons of many married couples according to what they have experienced.

  1. Be honest with each other. Especially of what you feel and don’t just keep things within yourself. Being open will strengthen your marriage more.
  2. Learn to communicate always. Talk things out may it be problems, plans in the future or anything that you need to discuss about. Through communication, you can fix things and provide solution.
  3. Prepare his favorite food this can be the best gesture of love.
  4. A little time of massage after work can make him/her feel the comfort from all day stress at work.
  5. When you have some petty fights, avoid silent treatment. This can’t solve the problem.
  6. Give yourself quality time to do what you love to do. Go out with friends, exercise, anything that can give you more energy and motivate you. This can help you boost your self-esteem which is needed to be successful in your marriage life.
  7. Learn to forgive and forget the hurts instead of keeping it inside you. Release all negative vibes.
  8. Try to work things out with your partner and don’t let each other for granted.
  9. Have more patience within you. If you work a little too hard now, then time will come that all pains will reap its fruit. You have to understand that in life you have to face challenges but you don’t have to give up instead, learn to fight challenges.
  10. Show how strong you are by giving advice to your partner. As a couple, you have to share the energy that you have to influence him/her.
  11. Remember special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and keep the love alive always.
  12. Take time to go out for a special dinner date as couple. This is to ignite the love you have for each other no matter how long you have been together.
  13. Surprises can perk up the day! Surprise him/her with some special note or gift that you know would light up your partner’s day. Choose something simple yet special.
  14. Try to insert some fun time that you talk about funny things, tell jokes that both of you would enjoy. It can release tension and renew your boring day.
  15. Always show that no matter what you are always there for your partner to support her/him all the way as what you have promised. “for better or worse, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part”

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