Things to Avoid in Beauty: Tips for Women Over 50

old-woman-1238500-1279x852The golden years are great for women- for some it means retirement, for others it means watching grandchildren grow up. Whatever transitions that occur in your life during this time, it’s crucial to know that this time in your life also calls for a reinvention of your beauty regimens and habits.  Although you may be introduced to a whole line of new products- from retinoids to anti-aging creams and estrogen replacement therapies, know that there are also a couple things from past routines that it is time to put to rest for once and for all.  These are the top things you should avoid as a woman blooming in your 50s:

  1. Don’t skip out on sleep.  Your body, now more than ever, needs every source of energy it can get in order to restore and revitalize your body.  Because now your skin is also the thinnest it may ever be, any lack of sleep will induce poor circulation which means more prominent eye circles and tired eyes.  When you attempt to cover these nuisances, avoid too much concealer.  Light colored concealer will only emphasize your wrinkles and bags, especially if you use a bright yellow combative concealer in order to deflect the blue and purple hues.
  2. Avoid powder blush.  Your skin is now more dry and not as smooth as it used to be in your younger years.  Using any type of mineral blush will only seep into the crevices of wrinkles and make your skin appear more dry than it may already be.  It may also look splotchy and uneven. Instead, opt for a liquid blush.
  3. Avoid dark lipstick and lip gloss.  For women in their older years, lips aren’t as plump as they once were and may contain wrinkles.  Using lipstick or lip gloss will only seep into these wrinkles and overemphasize the appearance of lines.
  4. Embrace the beautiful silver hair.  Gray hair has actually become a trend that a lot of young stylists and beauty advocates are exploring.  Following proper maintenance with consistent trims, nourishing products and frequent hair masks, you can be sure that your gray hair is at its prime.  Since gray hair is often drier and thicker than your previous hair, you do have to pay more special attention to giving it the nutrients and treatment that it requires.
  5. Avoid too much foundation. Only use foundation where you may need to even out discoloration.  If you have dry skin, liquid foundation will only make your skin look caky.  Make sure to always apply moisturizer before applying your foundation and makeup.

Don’t skip out on moisturizing.  You should invest in a heavier moisturizer.  In your younger years you may have been more cautious about this due to breakouts or irritation.  Now since your less prone to acne, you don’t need to worry about the oily content or moisturizers or clogging up your pores.  The more the hydration, the less wrinkly your skin will appear.