The Art of Contouring

she-is-pretty-1528753-640x480Many of us have already invested, if not curiously looked into the, the art of contouring. Striving to having the facial structure of chiseled goddesses, it’s no wonder that this prestigious cosmetic illusion has captivated the attention of millions of fashionistas all over the world.  With that said, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this new technique, but if you take the time to really master and practice it, it can prove to be a beautiful additive to your makeup routine.  

  1. Perfecting the foundation.  Before you apply any makeup, it’s important to have a clean slate to work on.  Exfoliating, moisturizing as well as applying a primer are all essential for contouring.  The reason why it’s specifically important?  Contouring is using the illusion of tanning, and also layers of different makeup.  In order to make contouring look appealing, you can’t actually look like you have the sun damage that comes with tanning. Additionally, if you have a clean foundation, it’s less likely that your make-up will come out looking flaky, dry and cakey.  
  2. Use cream contour and blend, blend, blend.  Contouring sticks in stick form are good for precision and also making your skin look less dry in implementing this technique.  Don’t confuse contouring with bronzer and have separate applications for them.  For your bronzing needs, use a bronzing stick to add warmth and not definition.  Use a sponge to pat around skin and diffuse and blend the layers you have thus far. Be sure to extend the blending all the way out to behind your ear. Do not cover your entire face with bronzer. This can make you look muddy and overdone.  
  3. Set with setting powder.  For this, it’s probably best to use a translucent coverage powder to seal in your contour work.  Setting powder is used to blend what you have so far and polish the work that you’ve already done  
  4. Highlight important areas for contrast. The areas you want to highlight include the bridge of your nose, the very top of your check bones, under the brow bone, slightly around the lips and on the tip of your chin.  Add a shimmer highlight over the top of the matte highlight in order to add a healthy summer glow.  
  5. Add blush.  Add subtle blush to the very top of your cheeks, directly above the contour on your cheeks.   Finally, add a setting spritz to lock in your look and keep it all day long.  

There you have it! The ultimate face-sculpting extravaganza.  Don’t forget to brush some bronzer on your collar bones before heading out and add the perfect shiny lip balm.