Serum – A “Must” Addition to Your Beauty Routine

serumSometimes it feels like it’s a science – the amount of products and routines we have to balance with our beauty, whether it may be day or night, requires precision and investment.  Between the facial scrubs, exfoliation, moisturizer, eye cream, we MUST be hitting all the important areas and fulfilling all the necessity maintenance. Well, you are wrong to assume so.  We’d like to introduce you to a potentially new addition to your beauty routine; something a little bolder and a little fresher: serum.  Serum is a rather new product on market for beauty products, but a lot of women find it useful for more arduous skin problems, or for a vamp up on the quality of their current beauty regimen.  

What is this Serum You Speak of?  Serum addresses specific skin concerns- anything from dark spots, sun damage, wrinkles or acne.   It’s generally light in formulation but has a higher concentration of the performance ingredients needed for your problem areas.  

Why Should I use Serum? If you have problem areas that don’t clear up with your normal beauty routine products, you may need to vamp it up with something a little more potent- and serum offers this.  

What Kind of Ingredients Should I Expect to be in Serum?  Serum generally varies depending on the type of condition that you are treating. However, a majority of them contain beta glucans, salicylic acid (for serums that attack stubborn acne), zinc, aloe vera and tea tree extracts.  

How do I use serum? When skin is moist, it is generally more susceptible to products as it is more permeable.  After you use your cleanser, you want to immediately follow up with your toner.  While your skin is still absorbing the tone, apply your serum.  This way, the ingredients in your serum will infiltrate deeper in your skin in order for you to get better results over time.  You want to ideally incorporate it into your daily skin care routine and apply your serum once a day.   

What are Some Ways I Enhance the Effects of My Serum?  To have better results with your serum, apply your moisturizer in the fridge after every use.  Since your moisturizer is what you apply to your skin after your serum, the quality of your moisturizer can help boost the effects of your serum.  When moisturizer is applied cold on the skin, it pushes blood away from the skin in order to pull the more powerful ingredients of the serum into the skin.