Saunas: Using Heat As A Beauty Advantage

sauna-1226054-1280x960Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, examines techniques such as saunas and steam baths that have been used for thousands of years to maintain a beautiful complexion and to heal a broad spectrum of ailments.    Heat therapy has been used by women in all cultures for hundreds of years as a way to alleviate and cope with the joint pain and muscle aches that come with aging and the multitude of stresses that are experienced more by women. Moreover, these thermotherapy practices boost the healing process by penetrating deep to the root cause of the problem areas.  What is it about “heat” that seems to be a steamy option for women that promotes beauty?

Increasing circulation.  If you’re steaming your skin or in a sauna, your inner body is going through a process that no product could do for your skin.  While you are experiencing heat therapy, your capillaries are dilating, which regulates your circulation- all without the need of extra or overbearing pressure to your skin that of course could damage problem areas even more further.  A study conducted by the Journal of Dermatology suggests that saunas are useful for certain dry skin conditions.  In some cultures, “self-flagellation” is added to the sauna experience.  In Russia, this may be “banyas” or “venik” which are dried leafs of plants that help increase the blood flow even more and stimulate the production of opiate endorphins-leading to a euphoric feeling. Increasing the blood flow leads to increased oxygenation, which has many anti-aging benefits.

Detoxifies, removes impurities and purifies skin. The use of saunas or sunbaths can clear out your pores and has been found to be highly effective for blackheads or other acne problems. If you suffer from cystic acne, saunas help to soften these which may aid in their removal.   Medical New Today recently released a report that found that if you consistently use sauna treatment in your beauty regimen, over time this “leads to a more stable epidermal barrier and function, an increase in stratum corneum hydration as well as a faster recovery of both elevated water loss and skin pH”.  This simply translates to mean a more even skin tone all while maintaining ultra-hydration.

Distressing your way to beauty. When your body is undergoing physical or psychological stress, your resources physiologically are redirected away from your digestive system, leading to higher acidic content.  This unbalance can lead to dryness, oiliness, blemished, dullness and other serious problems such as eczema and dermatitis.  The more circulation and redirection of resources leads to dark circles under the eyes, dull and dried out skin and consistent breakouts.  Saunas and steam baths relax your muscles that become tense with psychological and physical stress while aiding in cleansing your mind by promoting relaxation. If done consistently, this can help balance back the distribution of resources in your body.

Please take note that steam baths/or sauna is not recommended for women who suffer dermatitis or those who have problems with vasodilation. Women who are pregnant should also be advised to act with caution. Please take note that saunas increase your pulse rate by 30 percent, so ensure that you have a healthy pulse that can withstand those type of elevations.