Learn The Art Of Texting A Guy


Do you have the urge to text a guy you admired? No one is stopping you, but you just have to learn the proper way of doing it. Because you have to balance everything, you know that guys have their own language. It’s good that you know understand and how to deal with it properly and not end up being tricked or maybe you just misinterpreted things that you thought it is, and it’s the other way around. So get ready and learn the tips well.

Keep it cool

You know how exciting it is to receive a text message from your crush but don’t be overwhelmed by replying back some novel like text when he is only asking “how’s your day?” Then you tend to bombard him with a lot of text messaging when he doesn’t reply back anymore because you seem so excited about it. Always be aware that guys hate when you do multiple text. And learn when to return a text according to some online dating sites, usually between one to three hours. So, instead of showing him how eager you are, just keep calm and stay cool and surely he’ll want more of you.

Feel confident

The never text a guy first etiquette is so outdated already. Start to get yourself out and start the ball rolling, show that confidence in you. Though it can also be hard to find a good topic to attract his attention but starting casually yet flirty type and add some boldness into it. It will spice up the conversation and be really attractive to guys. This style can make it a memorable one that can make guys enjoy texting you and leave a mark of spark on them too!

More emoticons can piss him off

Are you the type of person who’s fund of sending a lot of emoticons? Don’t overdo it! Use it when needed because it may be too much that can irritate guys. Guys aren’t that too expressive when compared to girls so just maintain to be simple and cool yet fun and exciting or flirty at times. Remember that too much of expressing may not be fun to the person that you’re texting.

Be yourself

Remember that pretending to be the person you are not is not cool at all. Just be yourself and communicate naturally. You don’t have to pretend for the purpose that he’ll like you. Showing or expressing your true self can give you great feeling of satisfaction.

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