Laser Treatments For Beauty

skarp-laserIn the heyday of science fiction, “laser” was an ongoing part of the terminology preceding with jam-packed action, fictional characters and super heroes.  Today, the term paints a much different picture. Lasers in medical science have made headway as inducing the healing process in order to grow new fresh skin and other cells.  What types of procedures have unfolded in the last decade that can help improve your appearance?

Ditch your razor for the laser. Laser Hair Removal offers an alternative method to remove unwanted hair on any part of your body with many extra benefits that have led a lot of women and men alike ditching their razor for the laser. Laser hair removal is a treatment in which the laser heats the follicle that produces the hair and damages it in a way to prevent hair from ever growing back. Though this sounds dangerous and painful- it’s actually quite the opposite.  You will need to have to do several trials of this, lasting at minimal twenty minutes of six trials, depending on your area of desired removal and the size of the area undergoing treatment.

Soak the Pulse- Intense Pulsed Light Facials.  This type of laser treatment involves damaging the outer layer of your skin in order to allow new skin cells to resurface and take over its place.  Although this sounds gruesome, you have to keep the end goal in mind- baby skin, fully new skin to take its place. The reward that outweighs the seemingly arduous process.  The recovery procedures involve peeling and involves avoiding the sun for a while until the new skin can surface.  This is a great option for those with severally damaged skin that have found no light at the end of the tunnel with other methods of treatment.  As the most common type of laser treatment, IPL laser is used to create vascular lesions.  These type of lesions help heal broke blood vessels on the body that have let fluid escape around the eyes, on the legs, arms and other areas creating unsightly dark under eye circles and spider legs.  

Say “No More” to Four Eyes.  Laser eye surgery is your safe bet to say goodbye to your glasses and contacts once and for all!  Treating conditions such as nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness, laser eye surgery has the credentials of success transforming glass-wearing individuals to glass-free.  LASIK, for example, has a 96% satisfaction rate within 3 months of treatment. You can visit this website to learn more about the success rates of laser eye surgery –