How To Properly Air Dry Your Hair

We’ve discussed how to properly blow dry your hair, let’s talk about air dying.  I know, it’s scary, you’ve tried it before when you were running late, and had a frizzy, ratty mess.  Much like blow drying, it’s all about technique, whether you have fine, thin hair, or thick, strong hair.  Quite often, especially in Summer, I just don’t want to bother blowing hot air on my head and face, these are the tricks you need to get a beautiful look, with a carefree elegance.

USE A Good Towel

It’s true, the better the towel, the more absorbent it will be.  Like always, pat your hair down.  Avoid the turban, not only will your hair dry unevenly, but twisting and knotting can cause breakage.  Normally you would correct for this when blow drying, but we’re trying to avoid the blow dryer.  I’ll use a microfiber towel most of the time, to cut down on the amount of time spent rubbing a towel through my hair, which in turn means less frizziness.

COMB And Detangle

Do this before it has a chance to dry, otherwise you’ll just destroy your hair trying to remove the knots.  A good spray in detangler, and a wide tooth comb works best.  As always, start from the ends, and comb a few inches at a time.   Patience is important here, since you won’t be running a brush through it for a while, you want it completely combed out.

START Styling Before It Dries

This seems obvious, but so many of my friends get into a lazy mode when letting their hair air dry.  Part it, curl it, pull your bangs to the side, anything you would do with a blow dryer you’re going to do now.  Don’t forget to add any product, I like to use light hold styling products when air drying.  The whole point is to have that low key, casual look.  Texturizers and dry shampoos are also good.

LET It Dry

This is actually the hardest part.  Resisting the urge to touch it, or check on it can be really difficult.  I often find myself looking at the mirror, wondering if I did it exactly right.  Relax, it will be fine, the whole point of this is to have a low effort, casual look.  You can also let it dry overnight.  Not only will this help you not play with it, but if you don’t mind putting in some prep work, you can attempt more complex styles.  Overnight is my favorite way to air dry, as this gives my hair some time to replenish necessary oils, and I won’t have to use as much product.

There you have it, an easy look without a lot of effort.  Perfect for the beach, sailing, or just sitting on your couch.  If your hair starts to get heavy, or lose it’s bounce, a quick spritz of dry shampoo and you’re ready again.