How to Miniaturize Those Large Pores

squinting-eye-1436988When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t want them saying hello to your deep crater-like pores, you want them to say hello to you and your charming face!  Large pores effect a great number of people and carry along other stubborn problems such as persistent blackheads and oily skin.  The problem of enlarged pores is certainly an instance of a catch 22, but we offer some solutions to help you break the vicious cycle and regain your confidence.  

Why do pores become enlarged?

Your pores take on more responsibility than they’re capable of when you have enlarged pores.  Pores of normal size experience the ease of a normal flow of oil production, flowing in and out and evenly spreading over the surface of the skin.  When oil glands produce an excess of oil, pores swell to accommodate.  The problem of blackheads and acne arise when your pores start to trap in dead skin and other debris.  

What Can I do to take care of my large pores?

Be cautious of your skin care products.  First and foremost, stop the usage of products that will cause your oil glands from producing more oil.  If your pores are clogged, more oil is going to build up and grow the size of your pores even more than they are right now.  Avoid thick creamy and greasy moisturizers as these tend to clog your pores and cause more problems.  Also avoid products that contain alcohol in which will irritate and dry your skin and cause a surplus of oil to be generated by your skin.  

Use an exfoliator that contains salicylic acid.  By exfoliating skin with an exfoliator formulated with salicylic acid, excess skin cells can be removed from deep within the surface.  Overtime, this will minimize the size of the pores and allow maintenance of your oil to be regimented.  Unlike most people, you should practice exfoliating more than once a week – 2-3 times a week is more ideal.  

Retinoids help you get straight to the source.  Prescription retinoids such as Avita, Renova, Differin and Retin-A are commonly used for anti-aging reasons, but can also be used to tighten and refine pores in the process as well.  These type of products target how your pores function, and are formulated to improve the texture of your skin.  

Practice better habits.  With as stubborn problems as blackheads and large pores, every little lifestyle change can help your progress.  For one, make sure you always remove your makeup. There are some nights where you just want to crawl into bed with little effort, but that’s where handy dandy makeup remover wipes come in.  Makeup clogs your pores overtime, so it’s important to start implementing this habit right away.  Wash your sheets and pillow cases at least once every two weeks – as these manifest bacteria that can breed on your skin.  Also, be sure to be intake enough water as this can help clear out toxins in your body and keep your perspiration steady.  

If your efforts are not fruitful, you may need to consult a professional. They can hone into your skin and customize your very own plan of action to minimize your pores.