How to Manage Dry Hair

Many factors cause dry hair; from chemical treatments to flat irons and heating tools. The result is usually the same; dry hair that tends to be frizzy, and worsens with humidity.

Why does your hair get frizzy?

Frizzy hair is synonymous with dryness. In other words, a lack of moisture and natural oils. Your ends could also be split, making the hair more porous, causing water molecules to bind to the hair, causing them to swell and frizz. Humid climates are more likely to cause this problem.

Even though many suffer from this problem, there are things we can do to prevent it. It is important to keep your hair healthy. Natural home remedies are a good option because your hair does not become dependent on them. They contain no chemicals, offer more long-term results, and ultimately cheaper. Store-brought products can take longer to become effective and can damage your hair more with harsh chemicals.

Tips to avoid frizzy hair

– Put your hair in a “ponytail”. Wash your hair as you always do, and then use a good amount of conditioner with coconut oil or castor oil. Rinse with cold water and comb well. Use a loose band instead of elastic bands, that can put too much pressure on the hair. Remove it when your hair is dry and enjoy!
– When you comb your hair, always use brushes with natural spikes. Plastic spikes can make your hair frizzy.
– Use an anti-frizz mask after you wash your hair, but before drying. Do not dry your hair too intensely.
– After you have washed your hair, you can comb it to the left, wait a few minutes and then comb it the other way. Brush it as usual.
– Use products, such as shampoo and conditioner, designed especially for dry hair.
– Avoid using hair straighteners and hair dryers because their high temperatures dry out the hair and, like hair dye, make the hair fibers thicker and frizzier.
– Do not dry your hair too aggressively with a towel. The aggressive tousling can damage the ends of your hair and cause more split ends.

If you know how to best care your hair, surely it will be healthy and the moisture within your scalp will retain, this is essential for a healthy hair growth.

Taking care of your hair in the best way possible will ensure it remains healthy and nourished. Your scalp will retain moisture and avoid dryness and frizziness.