How to Make Your Shaving Session Worthwhile

shaver-1484462-640x480Not all of us like to put down top dollar to go to a beauty salon to get waxed, and some of us just don’t like the pain or time invested in it either.  For those that use the razor for silky skin, there may be a couple additions to your routine you can tweak in order to get the most out of your shaving session. Call it Operation Baby Skin- and you my friend have just been brought on board.

  1. Exfoliate before. We do not mean for you to bring your facial exfoliator into the tub with you for this task- you need to invest in a good body scrub and get an exfoliating scrub brush.  There’s a lot of scrubs that are formulated for specific skin types, so if you have sensitive skin-there’s a product for you.  Exfoliating before you shave helps clear away dead skin that would ultimately dull your razor while shaving.  This way you leave the razor with just your hair. Moreover, exfoliating dead skin means that you can ensure you’re getting a close shave- which means less shaving accidents and less painful shaving burns.
  2. Use a shaving gel. Shaving gel is that middle ground platform that stands between your razor and skin.  It helps protect your skin from over irritation. As an additional bonus, find a razor gel that moisturizes as well to optimize your shaving session to the maximal. As with most beauty products, try to avoid any products that contain alcohol or fragrances as these can dry and irritate your skin in the process of your shave.  
  3. Keep the shaving short and sweet.  A lot of women shave once starting from their ankle and move up their entire leg. This is an inefficient technique because your razor is gathering hair from your ankles and loses room to collect more hair by the time you reach your thigh.  You want to keep your shaving sessions short, and break up the area of your body into smaller proportions to shave.  
  4. Wait until after you’ve soaked.  In warm water, this is the best method to loosen up the hair follicle on your body and prepare for the shave. You may also want to perform the duty under warm water.  
  5. Moisturize. After you leave the shower or the tub, pat dry your skin, don’t rub.  Rubbing will only increase the irritation and rob moisture from your body- all while making any burns appear more prominent.  After pat drying, follow up with a body moisturizer and let the product soak into your skin before putting clothing on.  There are many specialized moisturizers you can use for your skin such as tanners, skin illuminators and moisturizers that tighten and firm your skin. These moisturizers act in a dual nature and can help you kill two birds with one stone.  Above all, it’s best to understand your skin type and invest in a body moisturizer that is formulated for your specific skin.