How To Look Good In High Humidity


Humidity, it’s a dirty word.  You feel miserable, and sticky.  Most of us will just opt for that casual “it’s hot” look, figuring that everyone else is doing it too.  Here’s a few tricks I learned from living in an area that had seasonal monsoons, to help you look your best and stand out in the crowd.  These tricks will work when it’s muggy, rainy, or in a monsoon.

Take Care Of Your Skin

You’re probably tired of hearing us say it repeatedly, but as always, it’s important to take care of your skin.  Not only should be washing it, and exfoliating, but take care of your pores as well.  If you have issues with pores, or acne, try using ice, or a cool pack, to minimize your pores.  Lightly rub the ice on you race, then pat dry with a towel.  In the summer, I prefer to use a foaming cleanser, something that will tackle oil quickly, but leave me feeling refreshed.

Waterproof Mascara

It seems obvious, but use a waterproof mascara instead of your regular one.  Waterproof mascara won’t smudge as easily, especially in muggy weather.  A little bit of baby shampoo can be used to remove it later, without irritating your eyes.  Pair this with a waterproof, or gel based eyeliner.  A little wing can give you a daring look, and you’ll have the confidence to know it will still be there an hour later.  I even use a waterproof under eye concealer, instead of my usual one.

Avoid Oil Based Make Up

Oil will not only clog your pores, making the humidity feel worse, but it can look greasy.  Use mineral based foundations, and powder for everything else.  This will allow your face to breathe better, and overall just feel better.  I avoid shimmery bronzers and blushes, preferring mattes.  Lining your lips first can help avoid bleeding and smudging, and I’ll moisturize and prime first, to avoid applying lip gloss on top.  I also prime my eyes, to ensure my eyeshadow stays put, without having to apply a ton of it. Keep some blotting paper handy, a quick blot will help if you have a shiny T zone.

Light Breezy Clothes

Preferably cotton, so they’ll not only dry faster, but won’t leave you overheating.  The last thing you want is to walk around with sweat stains.  Loose, breathable clothes will also help you beat the heat, so you won’t have to worry as much about sweating off your make up.  There’s a reason why summer is the season for sundresses and sandals.  

Another quick tip so to apply your antiperspirant at night, before bed.  This gives it time to soak in, helping to avoid sweat during the day.  There you have it, a few simple tricks that will help you look your best, no matter how nasty the weather.