How to Get the Most Out of Your Bathing Sessions

For some, the bath is the safe haven rewinding location where you can put all of the daily stresses and worries to rest.  Add some wine, softly scented candles, some fragrance bubbles- and you are well on your way to some first class pampering.  Not only is the bath good for a quality indulging session, taking regular baths can also help promote better circulation in your body and assist your body in recovery from workouts you did during the day, unblock your senses that could accumulate congestion and help in practicing mindfulness meditation.  Be sure to follow up with these tips in order to spruce up your bathing routine for more youthful benefits:

Bathe organically.  Make your own bathing recipe in order to get fresh and supple skin.  Milk and honey sound like a very unlikely mishmash, but the effects they have on your skin will have you reanalyzing their compatibility.  For one, the lactic acid in milk works to exfoliate your skin, all while honey works to soften and moisturize your skin.  All in all, nourishing your body in this recipe will have enriched effects your skin.  Just add 1-2 cups of full-fat milk and ½ cup of any type of honey you choose.  Soak in for at least 20 minutes to reap the rewards of your concoction.  

Take a shower first before bathing.  Western culture makes a huge mistake of bathing in filth by taking daily baths, and quite literally at that.  When you take a bath before rinsing all the dirt that is collected on your body is now just getting soaked into your skin. The very purpose of the bath is to soak in pure fresh water in order to open up your pores and exfoliate any dead layers of skin that accumulate over time.  By bathing in dirty water, you defeat the purpose of your bath, and as a result could face health implications such as bladder infections.  

Bathe with salts.  Salt has been researched to have significant capabilities of improving the texture of your skin, hair and nails – a perfect additive for a steamy lather-up.  Sea salt can be especially useful if you have very stubborn tough, dry skin.  Sea salt in particular is a natural detoxifier and will help you slough away dead skin in order to reveal much more beautiful fresh skin.    

Keep the bath curtain closed to create steam. Now we are starting to make our bathing sessions more like a full-blow spa!  Steam is vital in freeing your pores from unwarranted dirt, pollution and oil that aggregates throughout the day.  You can count on a youthful glow if you can keep a good stream of heat and in your bathing sessions.  By trapping in the steam that is generated from hot water, you can revitalize your skin when it condenses back onto your skin- adding much needed moisture to your skin all while also freeing your pores from captivity.

There’s certainly no need to indulge in an expensive spa treatment when you can enjoy full benefits in the comfort of your own home – all while gaining a youthful advantage for your skin.