How to Get Quality Beauty Sleep

sleeping-woman-1432242-1279x866“You snooze you lose”, so the saying goes. It could never be more wrong in terms of beauty.  Research done in 2010 by BMJ states that those that get more sleep appear healthier and more attractive than those that are sleep deprived.  Lack of sleep is correlated with a plethora of dermatological problems and works to break down the repairing agents of your skin.  Any beauty queen will tell you that sleep is their number one priority-not just for a more gorgeous appearance, but also for a more collective mindset.  How can we reap the most rewards out of our snooze night after night? Glad you asked.

  1. Before you hit the hay, prep your skin for a full nights repairing and restoration period.  In order to experience the full benefits of these, it’s important to practice consistency. There’s no point in starting a beauty regimen if you’re going to sporadically follow through with it.  First, you should use a gentle cleanser or foam cleanser to remove oil, makeup and dirt. You may want to use specific makeup remover wipes before doing the cleansing portion if you wear a lot of products. Next, you want to apply any anti-aging products or specialty formulas for your skin to soak up while you snooze. Finally, moisturize. This step is very crucial since your skin is prone to dryness at nighttime.  
  2. Mind your posture.  Sleep lines can occur if you sleep on your side or on your belly. To prevent this and to promote good back posture, sleep your back with your head slightly elevated.  The elevation helps to drain any fluid retained under your eyes so you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  3. Check the fabrics of your bedding.  For your pillows, it’s ideal to have silk coverings.  Fabric of this type has been clinically proven to prevent crinkles and wrinkles that occur when you twist and turn at night.  Additionally, silk is less absorbing than cotton, meaning it won’t try to robe you from any of the facial creams you just freshly applied to your face.  
  4. Opt for 7-8.  Those that get around eight hours of sleep psychologically feel more attractive and appeal more to those around them.  Seven to eight hours is the golden ratio for beauty sleep because it’s just enough time to allow cell renewal of your body.
  5. Wash your hands before you sleep, and moisturize your feet and hands.  During sleep, you may touch your face which could lead to an unwarranted breakout come morning time.  In addition, if you moisturize your hands and feet, come morning you’ll be baby smooth.  You can’t beat a whole 8 hours of intensely concentrated moisture.  

Although time is precious and our technology crazed impulsive generation has us lured us into trying to skimp out on sleep, remember that your health and beauty count on it.  Follow the tips above to get a better nights sleep, if you are still having trouble sleeping you may want to consult a therapist or physician. Therapists can provide healthy habits through offline or online therapy, such as BetterHelp. Physicians can also provide certain medications to help you sleep. Although, there are many people who suggest avoiding sleeping medications as they can be addictive or detrimental to your health, and not just your beauty.