How to Achieve the “Au Naturale” Look with Makeup

broken-blush-and-makeup-brush-1171149-639x852Carefree, daytime and casual is the look in mind when you want to achieve the natural look with makeup.  The key to the natural look in makeup is to enhance your features without looking too overdone.  In order to look effortless in your semblance, we have put together some tips to guide you on your journey of becoming a goddess that looked like she walked straight out of nature.

1.  Conceal, but don’t cover.  Foundation is a no-go in order to achieve this look.  You only want to use concealer when you need it, and it needs to be a concealer that perfectly fits your skin color. A little on any blemishes, dark circles or discolorations is all that is needed for this step.

2. A hint of Blush.  The difference between a makeup-less face and a natural face is the little hint of pink dusted on the cheeks.  This gives you a look of health, while still maintaining a bare look for your face.  Apply to your upper cheeks and blend until you can no longer see the distinguishing lines of application.

3. Bash those Lashes.  For the windows to your soul, focus on your eyelashes You want to completely bypass the use of eyeliner and focus on your lashes.  Before you apply any mascara, you may want to curly your eyelashes.  If you use a waterproof mascara instead of just a regular mascara, your lashes will be more likely to hold a curl all day long- keeping you looking refreshed and bright.  If you do want to use a little eyeliner keep it close to the lash line and keep the color of the eyeliner the lightest you can- ultimately something close to the natural color of your eyebrows. A little eyeliner in this way will give your lashes a more “full” look.

4. Mind the Brow. Your eyebrows are like the curtain to your face.  If you’re going minimal with the makeup, you want to make sure that your eyebrows present your face in an ideal way.  You don’t need to do any fancy sculpting, just fill them in with brow gel or powder to give your face a finished and enhanced look.  If you are brunette, choose a filler that is a shade lighter than your hair.  If you have lighter hair, choose a shade darker to fill in your eyebrows.

5. Pucker Up. For your lips, you can dab a little bit of a natural color, or use a lightly tinted lip gloss close to the color of your lips make your lips look slightly more pronounced.  You may also prefer to use a nude shade for your lips. To complete your natural look, give your hair some beach waves using a curler- minding to widely space each curl and following up with a light spritz of hairspray.