Get the Most Out of Your Shampooing Sessions

shampoo-gold-1479706We vary in frequency of hair shampooing usage as we all have different hair types and different preferences of texture for our tresses.  However, no matter what your frequency of your shampoo usage is, there are some specific things you can do to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your sessions with good ole shampoo.  Follow these tips to never feel like you wasted a session lathering up again:

  1. Limit your products for after you come out of your bathing duration.  “Less is more” – the golden ticket to a lot of beauty routines, and your hair is no exception.  Stick to one or two products to finish and start your hair. Be especially cautious of products that contain alcohol in them. If you use heating tools, be sure to accommodate at least one product for your heat protectant necessities.
  2. Cap it up with a shower cap.  Shower caps are a traditional utility that have been used by women to keep hair dry when bathing.  Your hair should ideally not be washed every day and the cap is used to protect your hair for the days that you aren’t washing it.  This also prevent your hair from catching any of the debris you wash out from your body as well as soaking up any body soap that may cause it to dry out.  
  3. Conditioner in specific areas.  A huge mistake women make when they do their weekly deep conditioning treatment is focusing equal attention to the scalp as the ends of their hair.  The scalp is where the natural oils manifest, and there’s no need to condition this area unless you want your hair to look unevenly greasy.  When you do choose a conditioner, keep a consistent conditioning schedule- once a week is generally ideal.
  4. Dry conditioner.  This type of product is especially preferred if you reside in colder climates.  To fight the day in and day out of constant depleting moisture, a dry conditioner should boost your hair to look beyond refreshed and lively.   
  5. Gauge your shampooing use and keep that schedule consistent.  A general rule of thumb to set this guideline is to address the thickness of your hair.  The thicker and coarser your hair, the more time in between shampoo sessions you want to maintain.  If you have ultra-thin hair, you might want to lather up your strands every other day.  Whereas, if you have thick coarse hair, every four days should be suitable.
  6. Mind how you sleep.  Your hair spends one third of its time being laying with you while you sleep. It’s important to create a good environment for it while you catch your precious zzz’s.  It’s pertinent to invest in satin sheets and to use something soft and loose (such as a scrunchy) to hold your hair above your head.  This will help maintain more moisture in your hair, prevent it from denting too much, and give your roots a little lift.  

Please remember that all of these steps won’t ensure you good hair – be sure to be a student in your products as well. Research products suitable for your hair type and visit a salon once every couple of months to ensure that your hair is being maintained in top condition.