Four Reasons Why Your Hair has Changed Hue, Texture or Thickness

hair-pieces-77-1193594-1280x960If you’ve noticed within the last year or so that your hair has developed a seemingly entire new character, don’t worry you’re not the only one and there are many reasons for why this may occur. We’re here to put all of your anxieties to rest about the new curl you’ve developed or that coarser texture that seemed to arrive overnight.  Hair texture and color can change for a variety of reasons, and Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital for cosmetic and clinical research, has come to lead the light on why and how your hair assumes a new role.

  1. Aging.  If you’ve spotted your first gray streak in your bundle of locks, you can rest assuredly that the new texture in your hair is likely from aging.  Gray hair indicates that hydrogen peroxide has built up in your hair shaft and has destroyed the pigment that gives hair its color.  In order to combat with this inconvenience in your routine, supply up on the deep conditioning.  Coarse hair may be a whole new arena for some beauty queens who have dealt with thinner hair in the past, so start to invest in good quality conditioning and start to see results.  
  2. Coloring.  Dying precious locks to a desirable hue comes with a cost- drying and frying your strands to a coarse new texture.  As if the vicious cycle of routine and maintenance for dying hair wasn’t enough, every time you do color your hair, the dye that you use oxidizes your hair and alters the permanent color over time.
  3. Stress.  We’ve all have heard the myth that stress may cause your hair to fall out.  Science does in fact back this up with a condition called “telogen effluvium” in which preceding after a stressful event, your hair starts to fall out.  The process can last up to three months. Putting your body under stress consumes the energy and resources it vitally needs to maintain the functions of the body, which include allowing your hair to grow.  It’s important to incorporate a destressing aspect of your day-whether it be going for routine walks with your dog, or enjoying a cup of tea or other morning brew at the peak of dawn- all of these things not only have mental benefits, but physiological benefits as well.  

Overusing Heating tools.  “Heat that is too hot can literally form bubbles on the hair shaft, which makes the hair coarse and promotes breakage”, states Zeichner. If that isn’t enough to shake you, blow-dryers and other heating tools to style hair can cause your hair to lose its luster, start to become very dry, and additive breakage that could cause your hair to get shorter than you would like.  Be sure to add a heat protection every time you use hot tools, and use the lower heat settings.  You might even want to invest top dollar on ionic or ceramic technology that uses less heat in order to style your hair the same.