Fixes for All and Any Bad Hair Days

mici-1544546-1279x1705With all the beauty tools we have access to, it’s a million dollar thought to wonder how our ancestor female fashionistas were able to take care of their hair.  Believe it or not, they had a couple tricks up their sleeves that maybe we haven’t even been exposed to.  We have a cure for each problem you could face on any particular bad hair day.

Grease-la-weeze-greasy strands.  Greasy hair is a slippery mishap, and chances are, you experience this problem in the summer.  During the summer, our hair is exposed to our skin more as we sport bikinis and strapless blouses to combat the heat – all in which may lead to our hair soaking up lotion and sunscreen that you’ve applied throughout the day.  An old trick? Mix up a 1:1 lemon juice and water mix and apply to your scalp and hair. Leave around 15-20 minutes before washing with cool water.  

Hazardous environment – Sun damage and pollutants. This is a problem that can occur at any time of the year – especially if you live in a sunny urban city.  The same UV rays that can penetrate your skin deep and cause damage is the same UV rays that can wreak havoc on your hair.  The Sun and pollutants you are exposed to everyday can break down the keratin in your hair – the protective shield that keeps hair strength while preserving its sheen.   To treat this kind of hair, invest in a deep conditioning treatment and start wearing a hat for every time you’re exposed to the Sun.  The scalp is especially vulnerable to these hazards and can affect the new growth of hair coming in.   Protect your scalp by investing in more products with vitamin C, soy products or green tea. These will help protect your scalp while soothing any damage that already may be done.  

Fried, frizzy and frazzled hair.  Humidity and high heat are generally the root causes for flyaway hair.  During these type of climates, our hair is seeking out moisture and absorbing as much as possible. The high content of moisture that gets absorbed by your hair shaft breaks some of the chemical bonds that keep the sheen vibrancy of your hair while keeping it smooth.  For a quick fix, stay away from heavy products and hair sprays.  Invest in silicone-based products or light anti-free serum or spray.  The best natural products that have been used for generations? Olive oil and coconut oil.  

Flatter than Kansas- get some volume. Get some spruce in your hair’s bounce.  If you’re one of the 39 % of woman who suffer from pin straight strands, you need to invest in ingredients like sunflower, almond oil, coconut oil and soybeans to get your hair off its feet.  You may also want to try a new doo- something with layers that can catch a drift and lift up more than if your strands are being weighed down with length.