How To Be Fashionable On Your 40s?

Be fab and hip as you age!

Fashion is a big word for everyone most especially for women. One of the ladies’ favorite hobbies is shopping for clothes, accessories and cosmetics. But upon reaching the age of 40s worries on how to be fashionable “still” that can help you look young and can fit in on today’s style and fashion are a big factor. Worry no more and together we will learn how to be fab and hip even if you are on your 40s.

    1. As you age, one of things you will notice is your growing gray hair and darkened teeth. And ask yourself or you can get an expert advice for best haircut. As new haircut can simply help you look young. For that you also have to check on your face shape that varies on what haircut is perfect for you. Then, start to whiten your teeth and conduct thorough research on what hair color would fit your look and complexion.
    2. You have to consider that the body changes as you age. First you have to examine your body from head to toe. These factors are needed for you to be able to determine what style can fit in your matured curves.
    3. Choose the best fashion for you. But also be sure that you have to remain professional on your chosen style, to maintain good and respectable impression. You can wear casual business dress when going to work you can pair it up with fitted blazer too.
    4. Be creative! Choose the best color according to the occasion. When attending a party with friends, you can wear black dress not too showy, simple but elegant. Build your own style that everybody would admire you for.
    5. Be Classy while you enjoy a night life! You’re on your 40s therefore you must enjoy life more with friends and loved ones. Don’t deprive yourself with fun moments like this that you thought only for the young. You are still alive and full of energy so don’t waste it. Enjoy life! Choose the best outfit. Black, classy dress for the night, but not too sexy. Wear your favorite accessories that would match your outfit and most of all, wear makeup. Red lipstick is perfect for the night. Or you can also make your eyes glow more. Watch some online tutorials on how to do it correctly.