Encourage Children With These Healthy Activities


In today’s generation, a great number of percentages are increasing to the young ones with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and health problems. And mostly heart problems and stroke with adults. This is the result because healthy activities such as daily exercise, walking, other healthy activities and especially healthy diet have not been practiced at school and at home.

Don’t let this be a recurring problem. It is not yet too late to set a healthy and fit plan at home. Below are some suggestions you can list down:

  1. Prepare a healthy meal plan – start being healthy with your daily meals at home. Teach your children about healthy eating habit by including fruits and vegetables when you prepare food for the whole family. Let them learn what and why they should eat such type of food. There are some kids who don’t like to eat vegetables especially when they have already been used to eating processed or junk foods.
  2. Set a family exercise or walking activities – Plan a fun weekend with the family to walk your dog at the beach or just in a park. Another idea is set up a video session that everybody can do the exercise routine everyday. Make it more fun for the kids and adults too to enjoy while they sweat out those bad toxins stored in the body.
  3. Plan a swimming lesson – Swimming is one best form of exercise that can make the body fit and healthy. And almost all kids would enjoy this. Adults can also join in to encourage the kids more and let them see how important and healthy it is.
  4. Prepare healthy desserts – Preparing a healthy dessert is another fun activity. Kids love desserts instead of buying ice cream or cake why not prepare an avocado smoothie or strawberry and banana smoothie.
  5. Educational video on weekend – Compile a video or movie about healthy eating, being fit and healthy or any movie that can help educate everybody about good nutrition and health benefits of healthy eating.

Doing these simple healthy plans for the family is easy if you do it by heart. Remember health is the most precious wealth so let’s start to educate ourselves at home and share it with the whole family most especially with your children. It’s best for them to learn first at home to make it a habit and let them share with their friends too!

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