Easy Beauty Mistakes You Don’t Want to Fall Victim To

sleep-1431410With the wealth of beauty information that is available via internet, podcasts, tutorials, etc., it’s easy to be swimming in what it is that we can do to foster a better set of skills to implement on our everyday makeup and beauty routines.  However, it’s possible to get over-informed and to follow the wrong set of assistance.  Even if you consider yourself a beauty master, you’re bound to pick up a skill or hint from the tips that we compiled to be some of the easiest, but most cringe worthy mistakes women make in the realm of beauty.

  1. Using the same brushes for too long and for too many products.  There’s a lot that can go wrong with this.  For one, you’re creating a rainbow accumulation of the multitude of products you use on a daily basis by using the same brush for each separate application.  This can lead to an uneven skin tone.  Additionally, by using the same brush consistently, the brush starts to ware down, lose bristles and fan out.  This means that your product gets unevenly distributed to your face and can even create a blotchy appearance.  Make sure to change out your brushes every couple of months, and every two weeks set aside some time to thoroughly clean your brushes in warm water.  
  2. Overusing bronzer.  All the fair maiden ladies out there can be guilty to this habit.  Bronzer is built to naturally mimic the sun and give your face that glow that can only be achieved by getting subtly kissed on a summer day.  By applying bronzer all over your face, your pale neckline will make the application look unnatural.  Opt to apply your bronzer to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, chin and the hairline on your forehead to yield the best results.
  3. Sleeping with makeup on.  We have all had exhausting days where it seems like there is just no more energy- not even to wipe away the face assembly we put together in the morning.  Invest in some easy makeup remover wipes. There’s a variety of kinds that you can find suitable for your skin that come in easy sealable bags.  Put them next to your bed if you get to that point to ensure that you don’t’ hit the hay with your glam on.  Sleeping with makeup allows the products to seep into your pores which causing them to swell and enlarge. Not only that, but you can count on aged and dry skin as well.  
  4. Not setting your concealer.  A lot of us quickly pat away our products into our skin and call it a done job.  Well, this is only half of it.  It’s very likely that within the first hours of the day, your products will slide off and reveal your blemishes. To get that product to really stay on, invest in a translucent setting powder.  Not only will it polish your look up and finish any blending you may have to do, but it will add an extra cover to the products you already applied.  

  You’ve taken the first steps with embracing your glam beauty queen. Now, make sure to not take two steps forward and one step back by being victim to miniscule mistakes.