How Can You Define Sex?

What is sex? It is one common word that all of us can define in our own simple understanding, feelings or even based on experience. This is also considered as a strong and one that can attract one’s attention to know more and learn. But is there really a right definition for this? Below are the collections of different best quotes collected by some authors about sex that makes a lot of sense it may inspire you or make you smile.

“Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it’s pretty damn good.” – Woody Allen

“A promiscuous person is a person who is getting more sex than you are. “ -Victor Lownes

“Sex is more than an act of pleasure, its’ the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them. “ – Unknown

“The more I think about sex, the better it gets. Here we have a purpose in life: Good for the blood circulation, Good for releasing the tension, The root of our reincarnations. “ – Kate Bush

“Sex is emotion in motion. “ – Mae West

“Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful — provided you get between the right man and the right woman. “ – Woody Allen

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.” – Gabriel García Márquez

“If you’re going to have sex, use a condom.” – Dennis Rodman

“Sex is like having dinner: sometimes you joke about the dishes, sometimes you take the meal seriously. “ – Woody Allen

“Sex is like washing your face – just something you do because you have to. Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it. “ – Sophia Loren

“Sex, a great and mysterious motive force in human life, has indisputably been a subject of absorbing interest to mankind through the ages. “ – William J. Brennan, Jr.

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets. “ – Andy Warhol

“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” – Mae West

Now that you have read a lot of different quotes about sex, how well can you define it now? Or maybe you can better define based on your experiences. Well, As you age, you’ll be able to find it’s true meaning.

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