Black heads: How Tea Tree Oil Can Treat

sunburnt-nose-1462139It’s been reaffirmed that blackheads are now amongst one of the most problematic skin problems today in all men and women alike.  As the first stage of acne, they possess a darker pigmentation and can be controlled before evolving into a type of acne.  If you aren’t much of an over-counter product user, then you can seek out ingredients in organic materials that have the same effect.  To treat these dark creatures of the skin, we must find an antiseptic.  Tea tree oil offers this possibility.  

How do we Use it? There are several ways to incorporate tea tree oil into your beauty regimen. Read through and find the best fit for you. Heck, if your adamant to get rid of your blackheads-do them all!

  1. The Good ‘Ole Face Mask.  A lot of masks that are used to treat acne on the cosmetic market are clay-based. Start by investing in a green clay powder.   Mix in 4-5 drops of tea tree oil into your clay before slathering on your face or the area of interest.  Allow the mixture to dry for around 15 minutes before removing with cool water.  
  2. Exfoliating Agent.  For a couple of weeks, you can put your current exfoliator to rest and use this one instead.  In a mixing bowl, add a cup of brown sugar, a couple teaspoons of olive oil and 4-5 drops of tea tree oil and mix to a lumpy and bumpy paste. Massage all over the problem area and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes before washing away with warm and cool water.
  3. Use it in Your Moisturizer and Night Cream.   Just add about 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to all of your moisturizer and night creams in order to reap the benefits without altering your routine too much.  You will experience a more aromatic experience.  
  4. Use it When Bathing.  Tea tree oil has will allow you to experience full-blown relaxation with the refreshing and revitalizing smell of this substance. Just add about 10-12 drops into your bath to experience.  Since tea tree oil can improve your complexion and texture of your skin an, you will come out of your bath feeling like your entire body transformed into silk.  

Dandruff? Say no More.  Tea Tree oil was found in Australia as a substance that controls dandruff and is tolerated by scalps.