Beauty Tricks You Won’t See On This Blog

There’s a lot of stuff floating around the internet, with the rise of social media anyone can be an “expert”.  I see my friends sharing some weird stuff on multiple platforms.  When you actually get paid to write on the subject, people will forward stuff to you constantly.  Without naming names, here’s a few bad “beauty hacks” that have made the rounds on social media.


I’ve also seen plungers, and knives, but by far, the silliest was an Instagram photo using Louboutin stilettos.  This is seemingly a trend, I’d say it’s more about showing off your shoes than actual make up advice.  If you really need help with your contouring, use a make-up brush. Why anyone would seriously use a yucky plunger, or their shoes, is beyond me.  I’m not sure who thinks it’s really a good idea to hold a sharp knife against their face.


Please don’t use deodorant as a way to prevent face shine.  I’ve seen this one a couple of times, it’s just not a good idea.  Not only will it clog your pores, it won’t do anything about actual oil producing cells.  Instead just use an oil absorbing primer, or carefully blot.  I recently read some advice to use limes instead of deodorant, and that’s bad advice as well.  The acidity in limes can cause irritation and redness.  If you see someone with a red face, and they smell like a margarita, please feel free to share this blog with them.

SMUDGED Lipstick

I’m not sure how this became a thing.  It seems like the latest Instagram craze is intentionally making your lipstick look like it was applied by a nine year-old.  Personally, I prime my lips, so I won’t have to reapply after I’ve been drinking.  Walk of shame inspired looks are best for models and celebrities, people who obviously pay a lot to look like they’ve been out all night.  For the rest of us, it’s best to stick to classic perfection.

WEARING Your Salad, Instead Of Eating It

I love cucumbers, I won’t lie.  They can make any salad better, they’re great in sushi, and yes, you can put them under your eyes to treat bags.  Lately I’ve been seeing a food craze in “natural” beauty.  Garlic is wonderful, unless you’re a vampire, or treating acne.  It’s true, garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, but there’s no evidence it will reduce the size of a pimple, or treat the clogged pore.  I’ve been seeing quite a bit about using onions to make your brows grow back.  The sulfur in onions might help with bacteria on the skin, but you’re better off eating better (which we’re going to discuss later this week) to encourage hair growth.  If you really want to harness a natural beauty product, try this facial scrub.