Beauty Tips from Asian Culture

Even before we were adults, we were always gawking at how beautiful the Asian community of women (and maybe even some men) were. From their silky hair from root to ends to their perfectly porcelain skin-what sort of things can we learn from the methods and techniques used to maintain beauty through a wide range of Asian cultures?

  1. Preventative action.  Americans tend to only start to develop a skin care routine to address their skin imperfections after the problems have started to take toll and affect their appearance. In Korean culture, women start at a very young age to reap the rewards of developing habits with their skincare routines with consistency.
  2. Extra love.  In a majority of Asian communities, therapies such as massages and saunas are used to keep skin looking youthful. They also practice specific techniques not seen in American culture when applying products and makeup- these include tapping and massaging.  This is to increase circulation on area of application when applying. Although this sounds a little cumbersome, pulling and tugging at this skin when applying your products can eventually lead to damage or wearing and tearing on the skin that may cause you to look a little bit older than you would may like.  They also practice the art of patience.  In between each step of the beauty regimen or application, they wait around 30-60 seconds before preceding to the next step of the regimen.
  3. Cleansing before actually cleansing.  Pre-cleansing is used for women who wear a lot of makeup or are avid product users.  A lot of products formulated for cleansing won’t go to the extent of removing the makeup and the products that have seeped into your pores throughout the day.  It’s important to invest some time to using cleansing wipes or a liquid makeup remover to lift all of these products off your skin before performing your beauty regimen.
  4. Taking a refresher.  In Korea, what Americans call “toner” is known as “refresher” to these communities and cultures.  They are formulated to remove the pollutants and impurities to pick up where your cleanser left off or failed to reach-all while providing an additive layer of moisturizer.  In the Korean culture, these type of toners come in a spray in which you “spritz” on your skin.  In American culture, we see more of alcohol-based toners, which are very harsh on your skin and can be very detrimental if used every day.
  5. The product called “essence”.  In Asian communities, they use essence daily in their skincare routine.  This product is devised to speed up the turnover rate of the cells in your skin to promotes smoother and brighter appearance.  When you do apply these products, you can gently stroke in upward motions.  Now, there are many beauty lines in the United States that have “essence” products that are devised specifically for multicultural women.  Nowadays, this applies to a majority of women and should be highly considered in order to maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance at all times throughout the year.