Best 5 Ways for a Quick Beauty Routine

Every woman has her own beauty routines to follow every day before going out. But one main problem is how to speed up everything so you will not be late for work, school, or any appointments you have for the day? Well, in most cases these routines usually eat up a lot of your time. So, let’s make top lists on how to make everything easy and quick.

  1. Set everything in place – Before you go to bed at night, make sure to prepare everything you need for your beauty routine in the morning. Be sure that all of your skincare and cosmetics needs are set out in one place. It can save much of your time to get ready in the morning than you’ll fumble finding your moisturizer and favorite lipstick in your drawers.
  2. Air dry to cut down time – Instead of blow drying hair, opt for air dry instead. It can save up more time. After taking a bath, towel dry your hair to dampen until you complete your skincare routine and let it air dry while brushing your teeth or do your other morning rituals. By the time you’re done and ready to go, your hair could now be damp than too wet.
  3. Set priorities – During your beauty routines, cut down those unnecessary things like highlighter or primer. Use the 2 in 1 primer and powder or you can use your favorite BB cream instead of foundation as it can be more moisturizing and can also hide blemishes. Check what you needed most such as a BB cream, powder and maybe cheek and lip tint. Just make sure you have an extra lippy in your cosmetic organizer with you so that anytime you want to change your lip color, you can do so when you arrive in the office.
  4. Wax it all up on weekends! – Do all your personal waxing during weekends. This should be part of your “pamper yourself stage” so you don’t have to worry when you plan to wear some casual dress on week days.
  5. Plan your daily outfit ahead of time – This is one of the difficult times where you have to think hard about or decide on what to wear every day. Most especially that woman tends to be fickle minded when it comes on what to wear when not being planned ahead of time.

With all of those quick and easy ways to save more time with your beauty rituals, now I’m sure you can save a lot of time preparing yourself in the morning and avoid being late at work, in school or in any of your daily appointments.