Beauty Lifestyle Considerations for Vegans

fresh-vegetables-4-1317347-638x425There are still handfuls of cosmetics corporations that test on animals unethically.  For the sake of our vanity and appearance, animals are being tortured, blinded, poisoned and often times killed.  For the vegan, the lifestyle that they have committed to extends past just what foods that they consume as they are also very conscious about what types of products that they use.   If this is the type of lifestyle that you are unswerving to or one that you are curious about what types of habits it would entail, you’ve stumbled upon the right source.  

Be mindful of labels.  Typically, animal-conscious products will have labels such as “vegan”, “cruelty-free” or “animal-friendly” on the packaging.  Be careful of the “all-natural” labels as these could indicate a company that uses animal-based products, and because of this reason, claims that the products all come from natural sources and not man-made sources.   

Common ingredients in beauty products to avoid:

  • Collagen.  Collagen is a protein that is commonly derived from animal tissue.  It’s used to tighten up sagging skin and a common ingredient in some lip plumper.   

Alternative: Opt to use Ogo Seaweed. Extracted from vegetation from the sea, this product can be added to salads for a tasty natural boost.  

  • Estrogen.  This hormone is produced naturally in the female body.  However, it is also used in creams formulated for restoring skin, lotions and some perfumes.  It’s real derivative for these companies comes from the urine of pregnant of horses.

Alternative: Customize a diet to obtain more estrogen instead of searching to topically get your dose.  Foods you can consume for more estrogen include: sesame seeds, beans, peas and dried fruits.  

  • Keratin.  These are found in hair products and they claim to enrich the hair in protein for stronger looking hair.  However, these products are made from feathers, quills, some hair and fur, hooves and horns.

Alternative: Look for a formaldehyde-free product that offers fortified vegan green keratin, which is extracted from plant amino acids.   

  • Lactic Acid: This is found in a lot of skin care products formulated to exfoliate skin, however some companies extract it from the muscle tissue and blood of animals.  

Alternative: Do your research on the specific company selling the product.  Some companies have switched to extracting lactic acid from beets.  


Choosing to be vegan takes a large commitment, but don’t be the person who jumps into something uninformed.  There are many other facets besides beauty and diet that you need to monitor when you decide to become vegan.  Be sure to be fully knowledgeable before taking the leap.