Avoid These Make Up Mistakes For A Younger Look

Mistakes might be too harsh of a word.  Most of us are still using the advice we learned at thirteen, and we try to make that advice work as we get older.  We constantly hear “Less is more” as if it’s some magic truth that will liberate our faces and pores.  Here is some help to adjust your routine to match the current age of your skin.

USING The wrong concealer, and/or too much of it

Concealer is difficult.  Too light/dark, too much, will draw attention instead of conceal.  You want to use enough to get it just right, and no more.  Make sure you’re using a light touch, especially on thinner skin, like the skin under your eyes.  If you find yourself needing to use a lot of concealer, or foundation, make sure you’re exfoliating often enough, and properly.  You should also try incorporating a BB cream to help brighten your skin, and cover fine wrinkles, instead of caking on concealer that hides your natural skin.

CONTOURING Too heavily

Speaking of a light touch, you want to avoid lines that appear harsh, they’ll just make you look older.  Instead of drawing a heavy line and blending it out, try a subtle, barely there look.  You want them to notice your highlights, not your bronzer.  Try skipping this step entirely, you probably don’t even need it.

BRIGHT As A Stop Sign Blush

This is probably a good time to discuss blush. Avoid applying it directly to the apples of your cheeks.  Run it along the cheekbones, and blend thoroughly, so it’s not as obvious where the blush stops.  Just like with contouring, you want a subtle effect, so avoid super red, or too dark.

THICK Heavy, Clumpy Lashes

This look is best reserved for thirteen year-olds and models in avant garde photoshoots.  Make sure your brush is clean, and your mascara is liquid.  It’s common to keep a mascara long after it’s expired, and dried out.  If warming it with your hands for a minute doesn’t revitalize it, it’s time to replace it.  A couple quick swipes is best, wait a minute, then apply a second coat if you want more length or volume.  It’s better to wait a little bit and apply more coats, or invest in a lash curler, than weigh down your lashes and make them a glued together mess.

SUPER Metallic, Shimmery Lips

Metallic and shimmery should only be used when describing your car’s paint job.  If you want your lips to stand out, follow the advice in the article below, to give your lips that full look on their own.  

Make up works best when it’s highlighting our features and minimizing our imperfections.  If you feel like you need a lot to cover up, follow the advice in this blog to brighten your skin, and remove minor imperfections. A good skin care regimen is better than applying a ton of make up.