Avoid Saying These 20 Stupid Things On Your First Date


How was your first date? Did you ever have a great and fun experience? A lot of questions pop up our mind on how well your first date was. We always expect the best but of course there are always some mistakes or let’s say funny mistakes that you have done. I have compiled some stupid things to ask during your first date. It is always good to review on some things like this so you’ll know how to handle things especially on what’s appropriate or not. Are you ready? Check these compiled questions.

Most of the phrases are funny but this is really happening on first dates:

  1. How Much Money Do you Make At Your Job?
  2. Am I The First (Insert Race) Girl You’ve Dated?
  3. How Come You Aren’t Married or Have Any Kids?
  4. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
  5. Are You Dating Anybody Else?
  6. I’m assuming from your profile picture that you’re on a diet, right?
  7. My hobby is giving myself tattoos. Maybe you’ve already guessed.
  8. Are You Gay?
  9. Be honest: Can you even believe I’m still single?
  10. For a fat girl, you don’t sweat much.
  11. You’re an old fashioned romantic, you know that?!
  12. My ex-boyfriend has that shirt!!
  13. What’s your last name again?
  14. Can you tell I’m wearing a lot of makeup?
  15. Can you drop me off by 10? I want to go out after this.
  16. If this doesn’t work can we still be friends?
  17. I’m bored.
  18. You look really different online.
  19. I showed all my friends your picture and everyone thinks you’re cute. Well, at least dateable.
  20. So I want to order the steak but I’m broke – are you planning on paying for this dinner?
  21. You look EXACTLY like my dad!
  22. I want to raise my kids Catholic. Is that ok with you?
  23. Any weird recessive genes in your family I should know about now?
  24. My last boyfriend was gay. Are you gay? You look questionable.
  25. Do I have anything gross in my teeth?
  26. My therapist tells me that I should really stop talking to my ex.
  27. Are you going to kill me? I’m not into internet murder.
  28. So, how long have you been single for?
  29. My ex always used to say…
  30. You’re too cute to be single.

Some maybe too funny or you can’t imagine asking your partner on your first date but it’s just good to be aware of the words you say or ask.. Good luck!

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