Want to get quality sleep? Avoid these before bedtime


Quality sleep is an important requirement to stay healthy and fit. That’s why you should get enough sleep everyday or else this can increase your weight and make you feel tired and weak. Below are the things you should avoid before your bedtime

Staying up late for work

You may be a workaholic person but everything has its proper time. Aside from work, career, think about your health too. Health is your greatest wealth. So don’t let work hinder you getting quality sleep because if you get quality rest, it can help you to be more productive at work. Thus, it can help boost your career in life more. Learn to manage your time wisely and always give time for rest.

Consuming rich in fats foods

When it’s already time to rest and sleep, avoid eating heavy fatty foods as It can make you feel dull and dragging. Consuming those type of foods cannot be easily digested and will make you stay up late causing you more difficulties to rest.

Cardio Exercise

Burning calories and fats of the body through exercise daily is good for the health but schedule it right and don’t do it before you sleep, Exercise can make your metabolism fast and give you more energy and alertness of mind. If you exercise before you snooze, then it would be a problem to condition yourself to sleep.


Caffeine is a stimulant that can make you active. IF you’re about to sleep, avoid taking in coffee, chocolates, tea or even drinks with alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol is a big No when it’s already your bedtime.

Emotionally disturbed

If you’re about to sleep, avoid being emotionally disturbed in any form, may it be watching an emotional movie, reading a book with such emotional story. Instead, read a light novel while having a herbal tea or watch some relaxing movie or do some relaxing stretches to help you and your mind relax so its easy for you to fall asleep.

Now you know why you can’t sleep well. Read all of these by heart again so you’ll know what you have to do to relax your mind and have quality sleep. Remember lack of sleep can give you more worries and can promote stress and illness. So, learn to divide your time, relax your mind and sleep well. It’s just a matter of self-discipline.

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